1. 26

    तत्र स्नात्वा पितॄन् देवान् ऋषींश्चैव तदम्भसा । तर्पयित्वाथ विप्रेभ्यो गावो बहुगुणा ददुः ।। ३-३-२६ ।।

    After arriving there, all of them took bath, and with the water of this place of pilgrimage they offered their respects to the forefathers, demigods and great sages and thus satisfied them. They gave cows to the brāhmaṇas in royal charity. ।। 3-3-26 ।।

  2. 27

    हिरण्यं रजतं शय्यां वासांस्यजिनकम्बलान् । यानं रथानिभान्कन्या धरां वृत्तिकरीमपि ।। ३-३-२७ ।।

    The brāhmaṇas were not only given well-fed cows in charity, but also gold, gold coins, bedding, clothing, animal-skin seats, blankets, horses, elephants, girls and sufficient land for maintenance. ।। 3-3-27 ।।

  3. 28

    अन्नं चोरुरसं तेभ्यो दत्त्वा भगवदर्पणम् । गोविप्रार्थासवः शूराः प्रणेमुर्भुवि मूर्धभिः ।। ३-३-२८ ।।

    Thereafter they offered the brāhmaṇas highly delicious foodstuffs first offered to the Personality of Godhead and offered their respectful obeisances by touching their heads to the ground. They lived perfectly by protecting the cows and the brāhmaṇas. ।। 3-3-28 ।।