1. 21

    इमं लोकममुं चैव रमयन् सुतरां यदून् । रेमे क्षणदया दत्तक्षणस्त्रीक्षणसौहृदः ।। ३-३-२१ ।।

    The Lord enjoyed His pastimes, both in this world and in other worlds [higher planets], specifically in the association of the Yadu dynasty. At leisure hours offered by night, He enjoyed the friendship of conjugal love with women. ।। 3-3-21 ।।

  2. 22

    तस्यैवं रममाणस्य संवत्सरगणान् बहून् । गृहमेधेषु योगेषु विरागः समजायत ।। ३-३-२२ ।।

    The Lord was thus engaged in household life for many, many years, but at last His detachment from ephemeral sex life was fully manifested. ।। 3-3-22 ।।

  3. 23

    दैवाधीनेषु कामेषु दैवाधीनः स्वयं पुमान् । को विश्रम्भेत योगेन योगेश्वरमनुव्रतः ।। ३-३-२३ ।।

    Every living entity is controlled by a supernatural force, and thus his sense enjoyment is also under the control of that supernatural force. No one, therefore, can put his faith in Lord Kṛṣṇa’s transcendental sense activities but one who has become a devotee of the Lord by rendering devotional service. ।। 3-3-23 ।।

  4. 24

    पुर्यां कदाचित्क्रीडद्भिर्यदुभोजकुमारकैः । कोपिता मुनयः शेपुर्भगवन्मतकोविदाः ।। ३-३-२४ ।।

    Once upon a time, great sages were made angry by the sporting activities of the princely descendants of the Yadu and Bhoja dynasties, and thus, as desired by the Lord, the sages cursed them. ।। 3-3-24 ।।

  5. 25

    ततः कतिपयैर्मासैर्वृष्णिभोजान्धकादयः । ययुः प्रभासं संहृष्टा रथैर्देवविमोहिताः ।। ३-३-२५ ।।

    A few months passed, and then, bewildered by Kṛṣṇa, all the descendants of Vṛṣṇi, Bhoja and Andhaka who were incarnations of demigods went to Prabhāsa, while those who were eternal devotees of the Lord did not leave but remained in Dvārakā. ।। 3-3-25 ।।