1. 36

    सोऽप्येतया चरमया मनसो निवृत्त्या तस्मिन्महिम्न्यवसितः सुखदुःखबाह्ये । हेतुत्वमप्यसति कर्तरि दुःखयोर्यत् स्वात्मन् विधत्त उपलब्धपरात्मकाष्ठः ।। ३-२८-३६ ।।

    Thus situated in the highest transcendental stage, the mind ceases from all material reaction and becomes situated in its own glory, transcendental to all material conceptions of happiness and distress. At that time the yogī realizes the truth of his relationship with the Supreme Personality of Godhead. He discovers that pleasure and pain as well as their interactions, which he attributed to his own self, are actually due to the false ego, which is a product of ignorance. ।। 3-28-36 ।।

  2. 37

    देहं च तं न चरमः स्थितमुत्थितं वा सिद्धो विपश्यति यतोऽध्यगमत्स्वरूपम् । दैवादुपेतमथ दैववशादपेतं वासो यथा परिकृतं मदिरामदान्धः ।। ३-२८-३७ ।।

    Because he has achieved his real identity, the perfectly realized soul has no conception of how the material body is moving or acting, just as an intoxicated person cannot understand whether or not he has clothing on his body. ।। 3-28-37 ।।

  3. 38

    देहोऽपि दैववशगः खलु कर्म यावत् स्वारम्भकं प्रतिसमीक्षत एव सासुः । तं स प्रपञ्चमधिरूढसमाधियोगः स्वाप्नं पुनर्न भजते प्रतिबुद्धवस्तुः ।। ३-२८-३८ ।।

    The body of such a liberated yogī, along with the senses, is taken charge of by the Supreme Personality of Godhead, and it functions until its destined activities are finished. The liberated devotee, being awake to his constitutional position and thus situated in samādhi, the highest perfectional stage of yoga, does not accept the by-products of the material body as his own. Thus he considers his bodily activities to be like the activities of a body in a dream. ।। 3-28-38 ।।

  4. 39

    यथा पुत्राच्च वित्ताच्च पृथङ्मर्त्यः प्रतीयते । अप्यात्मत्वेनाभिमताद्देहादेः पुरुषस्तथा ।। ३-२८-३९ ।।

    Because of great affection for family and wealth, one accepts a son and some money as his own, and due to affection for the material body, one thinks that it is his. But actually, as one can understand that his family and wealth are different from him, the liberated soul can understand that he and his body are not the same. ।। 3-28-39 ।।

  5. 40

    यथोल्मुकाद्विस्फुलिङ्गाद्धूमाद्वापि स्वसम्भवात् । अप्यात्मत्वेनाभिमताद्यथाग्निः पृथगुल्मुकात् ।। ३-२८-४० ।।

    The blazing fire is different from the flames, from the sparks and from the smoke, although all are intimately connected because they are born from the same blazing wood. ।। 3-28-40 ।।