1. 51

    देवहूतिरुवाच सर्वं तद्भगवान् मह्यमुपोवाह प्रतिश्रुतम् । अथापि मे प्रपन्नाया अभयं दातुमर्हसि ।। ३-२३-५१ ।।

    Śrī Devahūti said: My lord, you have fulfilled all the promises you gave me, yet because I am your surrendered soul, you should give me fearlessness too. ।। 3-23-51 ।।

  2. 52

    ब्रह्मन् दुहितृभिस्तुभ्यं विमृग्याः पतयः समाः । कश्चित्स्यान्मे विशोकाय त्वयि प्रव्रजिते वनम् ।। ३-२३-५२ ।।

    My dear brāhmaṇa, as far as your daughters are concerned, they will find their own suitable husbands and go away to their respective homes. But who will give me solace after your departure as a sannyāsī? ।। 3-23-52 ।।

  3. 53

    एतावतालं कालेन व्यतिक्रान्तेन मे प्रभो । इन्द्रियार्थप्रसङ्गेन परित्यक्तपरात्मनः ।। ३-२३-५३ ।।

    Until now we have simply wasted so much of our time in sense gratification, neglecting to cultivate knowledge of the Supreme Lord. ।। 3-23-53 ।।

  4. 54

    इन्द्रियार्थेषु सज्जन्त्या प्रसङ्गस्त्वयि मे कृतः । अजानन्त्या परं भावं तथाप्यस्त्वभयाय मे ।। ३-२३-५४ ।।

    Not knowing your transcendental situation, I have loved you while remaining attached to the objects of the senses. Nonetheless, let the affinity I have developed for you rid me of all fear. ।। 3-23-54 ।।

  5. 55

    सङ्गो यः संसृतेर्हेतुरसत्सु विहितोऽधिया । स एव साधुषु कृतो निःसङ्गत्वाय कल्पते ।। ३-२३-५५ ।।

    Association for sense gratification is certainly the path of bondage. But the same type of association, performed with a saintly person, leads to the path of liberation, even if performed without knowledge. ।। 3-23-55 ।।