1. 41

    भ्राजिष्णुना विमानेन कामगेन महीयसा । वैमानिकानत्यशेत चरंल्लोकान् यथानिलः ।। ३-२३-४१ ।।

    He traveled in that way through the various planets, as the air passes uncontrolled in every direction. Coursing through the air in that great and splendid aerial mansion, which could fly at his will, he surpassed even the demigods. ।। 3-23-41 ।।

  2. 42

    किं दुरापादनं तेषां पुंसामुद्दामचेतसाम् । यैराश्रितस्तीर्थपदश्चरणो व्यसनात्ययः ।। ३-२३-४२ ।।

    What is difficult to achieve for determined men who have taken refuge of the Supreme Personality of Godhead’s lotus feet? His feet are the source of sacred rivers like the Ganges, which put an end to the dangers of mundane life. ।। 3-23-42 ।।

  3. 43

    प्रेक्षयित्वा भुवो गोलं पत्न्यै यावान् स्वसंस्थया । बह्वाश्चर्यं महायोगी स्वाश्रमाय न्यवर्तत ।। ३-२३-४३ ।।

    After showing his wife the globe of the universe and its different arrangements, full of many wonders, the great yogī Kardama Muni returned to his own hermitage. ।। 3-23-43 ।।

  4. 44

    विभज्य नवधाऽऽत्मानं मानवीं सुरतोत्सुकाम् । रामां निरमयन् रेमे वर्षपूगान् मुहूर्तवत् ।। ३-२३-४४ ।।

    After coming back to his hermitage, he divided himself into nine personalities just to give pleasure to Devahūti, the daughter of Manu, who was eager for sex life. In that way he enjoyed with her for many, many years, which passed just like a moment. ।। 3-23-44 ।।

  5. 45

    तस्मिन् विमान उत्कृष्टां शय्यां रतिकरीं श्रिता । न चाबुध्यत तं कालं पत्यापीच्येन सङ्गता ।। ३-२३-४५ ।।

    In that aerial mansion, Devahūti, in the company of her handsome husband, situated on an excellent bed that increased sexual desires, could not realize how much time was passing. ।। 3-23-45 ।।