1. 6

    दिष्ट्या मे भगवान् दृष्टो दुर्दर्शो योऽकृतात्मनाम् । दिष्ट्या पादरजः स्पृष्टं शीर्ष्णा मे भवतः शिवम् ।। ३-२२-६ ।।

    It is my good fortune that I have been able to see you, for you cannot easily be seen by persons who have not subdued the mind or controlled the senses. I am all the more fortunate to have touched with my head the blessed dust of your feet. ।। 3-22-6 ।।

  2. 7

    दिष्ट्या त्वयानुशिष्टोऽहं कृतश्चानुग्रहो महान् । अपावृतैः कर्णरन्ध्रैर्जुष्टा दिष्ट्योशतीर्गिरः ।। ३-२२-७ ।।

    I have fortunately been instructed by you, and thus great favor has been bestowed upon me. I thank God that I have listened with open ears to your pure words. ।। 3-22-7 ।।

  3. 8

    स भवान् दुहितृस्नेहपरिक्लिष्टात्मनो मम । श्रोतुमर्हसि दीनस्य श्रावितं कृपया मुने ।। ३-२२-८ ।।

    O great sage, graciously be pleased to listen to the prayer of my humble self, for my mind is troubled by affection for my daughter. ।। 3-22-8 ।।

  4. 9

    प्रियव्रतोत्तानपदोः स्वसेयं दुहिता मम । अन्विच्छति पतिं युक्तं वयःशीलगुणादिभिः ।। ३-२२-९ ।।

    My daughter is the sister of Priyavrata and Uttānapāda. She is seeking a suitable husband in terms of age, character and good qualities. ।। 3-22-9 ।।

  5. 10

    यदा तु भवतः शीलश्रुतरूपवयोगुणान् । अश‍ृणोन्नारदादेषा त्वय्यासीत्कृतनिश्चया ।। ३-२२-१० ।।

    The moment she heard from the sage Nārada of your noble character, learning, beautiful appearance, youth and other virtues, she fixed her mind upon you. ।। 3-22-10 ।।