1. 46

    विद्योतमानं वपुषा तपस्युग्रयुजा चिरम् । नातिक्षामं भगवतः स्निग्धापाङ्गावलोकनात् । तद्व्याहृतामृतकलापीयूषश्रवणेन च ।। ३-२१-४६ ।।

    His body shone most brilliantly; though he had engaged in austere penance for a long time, he was not emaciated, for the Lord had cast His affectionate sidelong glance upon him and he had also heard the nectar flowing from the moonlike words of the Lord. ।। 3-21-46 ।।

  2. 47

    प्रांशुं पद्मपलाशाक्षं जटिलं चीरवाससम् । उपसंश्रित्य मलिनं यथार्हणमसंस्कृतम् ।। ३-२१-४७ ।।

    The sage was tall, his eyes were large, like the petals of a lotus, and he had matted locks on his head. He was clad in rags. Svāyambhuva Manu approached and saw him to be somewhat soiled, like an unpolished gem. ।। 3-21-47 ।।

  3. 48

    अथोटजमुपायातं नृदेवं प्रणतं पुरः । सपर्यया पर्यगृह्णात्प्रतिनन्द्यानुरूपया ।। ३-२१-४८ ।।

    Seeing that the monarch had come to his hermitage and was bowing before him, the sage greeted him with benediction and received him with due honor. ।। 3-21-48 ।।

  4. 49

    गृहीतार्हणमासीनं संयतं प्रीणयन् मुनिः । स्मरन् भगवदादेशमित्याह श्लक्ष्णया गिरा ।। ३-२१-४९ ।।

    After receiving the sage’s attention, the King sat down and was silent. Recalling the instructions of the Lord, Kardama then spoke to the King as follows, delighting him with his sweet accents. ।। 3-21-49 ।।

  5. 50

    नूनं चङ्क्रमणं देव सतां संरक्षणाय ते । वधाय चासतां यस्त्वं हरेः शक्तिर्हि पालिनी ।। ३-२१-५० ।।

    The tour you have undertaken, O lord, is surely intended to protect the virtuous and kill the demons, since you embody the protecting energy of Śrī Hari. ।। 3-21-50 ।।