1. 51

    अहो एतज्जगत्स्रष्टः सुकृतं बत ते कृतम् । प्रतिष्ठिताः क्रिया यस्मिन् साकमन्नमदामहे ।। ३-२०-५१ ।।

    They prayed: O creator of the universe, we are glad; what you have produced is well done. Since ritualistic acts have now been established soundly in this human form, we shall all share the sacrificial oblations. ।। 3-20-51 ।।

  2. 52

    तपसा विद्यया युक्तो योगेन सुसमाधिना । ऋषीन् ऋषिर्हृषीकेशः ससर्जाभिमताः प्रजाः ।। ३-२०-५२ ।।

    Having equipped himself with austere penance, adoration, mental concentration and absorption in devotion, accompanied by dispassion, and having controlled his senses, Brahmā, the self-born living creature, evolved great sages as his beloved sons. ।। 3-20-52 ।।

  3. 53

    तेभ्यश्चैकैकशः स्वस्य देहस्यांशमदादजः । यत्तत्समाधियोगर्द्धितपोविद्याविरक्तिमत् ।। ३-२०-५३ ।।

    To each one of these sons the unborn creator of the universe gave a part of his own body, which was characterized by deep meditation, mental concentration, supernatural power, austerity, adoration and renunciation. ।। 3-20-53 ।।