1. 6

    तं व्यग्रचक्रं दितिपुत्राधमेन स्वपार्षदमुख्येन विषज्जमानम् । चित्रा वाचोऽतद्विदां खेचराणां तत्र स्मासन् स्वस्ति तेऽमुं जहीति ।। ३-१९-६ ।।

    As the discus began to revolve in the Lord’s hands and the Lord contended at close quarters with the chief of His Vaikuṇṭha attendants, who had been born as Hiraṇyākṣa, a vile son of Diti, there issued from every direction strange expressions uttered by those who were witnessing from airplanes. They had no knowledge of the Lord’s reality, and they cried, “May victory attend You! Pray dispatch him. Play no more with him.” ।। 3-19-6 ।।

  2. 7

    स तं निशाम्यात्तरथाङ्गमग्रतो व्यवस्थितं पद्मपलाशलोचनम् । विलोक्य चामर्षपरिप्लुतेन्द्रियो रुषा स्वदन्तच्छदमादशच्छ्वसन् ।। ३-१९-७ ।।

    When the demon saw the Personality of Godhead, who had eyes just like lotus petals, standing in position before him, armed with His Sudarśana discus, his senses were overpowered by indignation. He began to hiss like a serpent, and he bit his lip in great resentment. ।। 3-19-7 ।।

  3. 8

    करालदंष्ट्रश्चक्षुर्भ्यां सञ्चक्षाणो दहन्निव । अभिप्लुत्य स्वगदया हतोऽसीत्याहनद्धरिम् ।। ३-१९-८ ।।

    The demon, who had fearful tusks, stared at the Personality of Godhead as though to burn Him. Springing into the air, he aimed his mace at the Lord, exclaiming at the same time, “You are slain!” ।। 3-19-8 ।।

  4. 9

    पदा सव्येन तां साधो भगवान् यज्ञसूकरः । लीलया मिषतः शत्रोः प्राहरद्वातरंहसम् ।। ३-१९-९ ।।

    O saintly Vidura, while His enemy looked on, the Lord in His boar form, the enjoyer of all sacrificial offerings, playfully knocked down the mace with His left foot, even as it came upon Him with the force of a tempest. ।। 3-19-9 ।।

  5. 10

    आह चायुधमाधत्स्व घटस्व त्वं जिगीषसि । इत्युक्तः स तदा भूयस्ताडयन् व्यनदद्भृशम् ।। ३-१९-१० ।।

    The Lord then said: “Take up your weapon and try again, eager as you are to conquer Me.” Challenged in these words, the demon aimed his mace at the Lord and once more loudly roared. ।। 3-19-10 ।।