1. 21

    यस्तां विविक्तचरितैरनुवर्तमानां नात्याद्रियत्परमभागवतप्रसङ्गः । स त्वं द्विजानुपथपुण्यरजःपुनीतः श्रीवत्सलक्ष्म किमगा भगभाजनस्त्वम् ।। ३-१६-२१ ।।

    O Lord, You are exceedingly attached to the activities of Your pure devotees, yet You are never attached to the goddesses of fortune who constantly engage in Your transcendental loving service. How can You be purified, therefore, by the dust of the path traversed by the brāhmaṇas, and how can You be glorified or made fortunate by the marks of Śrīvatsa on Your chest? ।। 3-16-21 ।।

  2. 22

    धर्मस्य ते भगवतस्त्रियुग त्रिभिः स्वैः पद्भिश्चराचरमिदं द्विजदेवतार्थम् । नूनं भृतं तदभिघाति रजस्तमश्च सत्त्वेन नो वरदया तनुवा निरस्य ।। ३-१६-२२ ।।

    O Lord, You are the personification of all religion. Therefore You manifest Yourself in three millenniums, and thus You protect this universe, which consists of animate and inanimate beings. By Your grace, which is of pure goodness and is the bestower of all blessings, kindly drive away the elements of rajas and tamas for the sake of the demigods and twice-born. ।। 3-16-22 ।।

  3. 23

    न त्वं द्विजोत्तमकुलं यदि हात्मगोपं गोप्ता वृषः स्वर्हणेन स सूनृतेन । तर्ह्येव नङ्क्ष्यति शिवस्तव देव पन्था लोकोऽग्रहीष्यदृषभस्य हि तत्प्रमाणम् ।। ३-१६-२३ ।।

    O Lord, You are the protector of the highest of the twice-born. If You do not protect them by offering worship and mild words, then certainly the auspicious path of worship will be rejected by people in general, who act on the strength and authority of Your Lordship. ।। 3-16-23 ।।

  4. 24

    तत्तेऽनभीष्टमिव सत्त्वनिधेर्विधित्सोः क्षेमं जनाय निजशक्तिभिरुद्धृतारेः । नैतावता त्र्यधिपतेर्बत विश्वभर्तुः तेजः क्षतं त्ववनतस्य स ते विनोदः ।। ३-१६-२४ ।।

    Dear Lord, You never want the auspicious path to be destroyed, for You are the reservoir of all goodness. Just to benefit people in general, You destroy the evil element by Your mighty potency. You are the proprietor of the three creations and the maintainer of the entire universe. Therefore Your potency is not reduced by Your submissive behavior. Rather, by submission You exhibit Your transcendental pastimes. ।। 3-16-24 ।।

  5. 25

    यं वानयोर्दममधीश भवान् विधत्ते वृत्तिं नु वा तदनुमन्महि निर्व्यलीकम् । अस्मासु वा य उचितो ध्रियतां स दण्डो येनागसौ वयमयुङ्क्ष्महि किल्बिषेण ।। ३-१६-२५ ।।

    O Lord, whatever punishment You wish to award to these two innocent persons, or also to us, we shall accept without duplicity. We understand that we have cursed two faultless persons. ।। 3-16-25 ।।