1. 6

    ये त्वानन्येन भावेन भावयन्त्यात्मभावनम् । आत्मनि प्रोतभुवनं परं सदसदात्मकम् ।। ३-१५-६ ।।

    O lord, all these planets exist within your self, and all the living entities are generated from you. Therefore you are the cause of this universe, and anyone who meditates upon you without deviation attains devotional service. ।। 3-15-6 ।।

  2. 7

    तेषां सुपक्वयोगानां जितश्वासेन्द्रियात्मनाम् । लब्धयुष्मत्प्रसादानां न कुतश्चित्पराभवः ।। ३-१५-७ ।।

    There is no defeat in this material world for persons who control the mind and senses by controlling the breathing process and who are therefore experienced, mature mystics. This is because by such perfection in yoga they have attained your mercy. ।। 3-15-7 ।।

  3. 8

    यस्य वाचा प्रजाः सर्वा गावस्तन्त्येव यन्त्रिताः । हरन्ति बलिमायत्तास्तस्मै मुख्याय ते नमः ।। ३-१५-८ ।।

    All the living entities within the universe are conducted by the Vedic directions, as a bull is directed by the rope attached to its nose. No one can violate the rules laid down in the Vedic literatures. To the chief person, who has contributed the Vedas, we offer our respect! ।। 3-15-8 ।।

  4. 9

    स त्वं विधत्स्व शं भूमंस्तमसा लुप्तकर्मणाम् । अदभ्रदयया दृष्ट्या आपन्नानर्हसीक्षितुम् ।। ३-१५-९ ।।

    The demigods prayed to Brahmā: Please look upon us mercifully, for we have fallen into a miserable condition; because of the darkness, all our work has been suspended. ।। 3-15-9 ।।

  5. 10

    एष देव दितेर्गर्भ ओजः काश्यपमर्पितम् । दिशस्तिमिरयन् सर्वा वर्धतेऽग्निरिवैधसि ।। ३-१५-१० ।।

    As fuel overloads a fire, so the embryo created by the semen of Kaśyapa in the womb of Diti has caused complete darkness throughout the universe. ।। 3-15-10 ।।