1. 36

    भूयादघोनि भगवद्भिरकारि दण्डो यो नौ हरेत सुरहेलनमप्यशेषम् । मा वोऽनुतापकलया भगवत्स्मृतिघ्नो मोहो भवेदिह तु नौ व्रजतोरधोऽधः ।। ३-१५-३६ ।।

    After being cursed by the sages, the doormen said: It is quite apt that you have punished us for neglecting to respect sages like you. But we pray that due to your compassion at our repentance, the illusion of forgetting the Supreme Personality of Godhead will not come upon us as we go progressively downward. ।। 3-15-36 ।।

  2. 37

    एवं तदैव भगवानरविन्दनाभः स्वानां विबुध्य सदतिक्रममार्यहृद्यः । तस्मिन्ययौ परमहंसमहामुनीनां अन्वेषणीयचरणौ चलयन् सह श्रीः ।। ३-१५-३७ ।।

    At that very moment, the Lord, who is called Padmanābha because of the lotus grown from His navel and who is the delight of the righteous, learned about the insult offered by His own servants to the saints. Accompanied by His spouse, the goddess of fortune, He went to the spot on those very feet sought for by recluses and great sages. ।। 3-15-37 ।।

  3. 38

    तं त्वागतं प्रतिहृतौपयिकं स्वपुम्भिः तेऽचक्षताक्षविषयं स्वसमाधिभाग्यम् । हंसश्रियोर्व्यजनयोः शिववायुलोलच्छुभ्रातपत्रशशिकेसरशीकराम्बुम् ।। ३-१५-३८ ।।

    The sages, headed by Sanaka Ṛṣi, saw that the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Viṣṇu, who was formerly visible only within their hearts in ecstatic trance, had now actually become visible to their eyes. As He came forward, accompanied by His own associates bearing all paraphernalia, such as an umbrella and a cāmara fan, the white bunches of hair moved very gently, like two swans, and due to their favorable breeze the pearls garlanding the umbrella also moved, like drops of nectar falling from the white full moon or ice melting due to a gust of wind. ।। 3-15-38 ।।

  4. 39

    कृत्स्नप्रसादसुमुखं स्पृहणीयधामस्नेहावलोककलया हृदि संस्पृशन्तम् । श्यामे पृथावुरसि शोभितया श्रियास्वश्चूडामणिं सुभगयन्तमिवात्मधिष्ण्यम् ।। ३-१५-३९ ।।

    The Lord is the reservoir of all pleasure. His auspicious presence is meant for everyone’s benediction, and His affectionate smiling and glancing touch the core of the heart. The Lord’s beautiful bodily color is blackish, and His broad chest is the resting place of the goddess of fortune, who glorifies the entire spiritual world, the summit of all heavenly planets. Thus it appeared that the Lord was personally spreading the beauty and good fortune of the spiritual world. ।। 3-15-39 ।।

  5. 40

    पीतांशुके पृथु नितम्बिनि विस्फुरन्त्या काञ्च्यालिभिर्विरुतया वनमालया च । वल्गुप्रकोष्ठवलयं विनतासुतांसे विन्यस्तहस्तमितरेण धुनानमब्जम् ।। ३-१५-४० ।।

    He was adorned with a girdle that shone brightly on the yellow cloth covering His large hips, and He wore a garland of fresh flowers which was distinguished by humming bees. His lovely wrists were graced with bracelets, and He rested one of His hands on the shoulder of Garuḍa, His carrier, and twirled a lotus with another hand. ।। 3-15-40 ।।