1. 1

    मैत्रेय उवाच प्राजापत्यं तु तत्तेजः परतेजोहनं दितिः । दधार वर्षाणि शतं शङ्कमाना सुरार्दनात् ।। ३-१५-१ ।।

    Śrī Maitreya said: My dear Vidura, Diti, the wife of the sage Kaśyapa, could understand that the sons within her womb would be a cause of disturbance to the demigods. As such, she continuously bore the powerful semen of Kaśyapa Muni, which was meant to give trouble to others, for one hundred years.।। 3-15-1 ।।

  2. 2

    लोके तेन हतालोके लोकपाला हतौजसः । न्यवेदयन् विश्वसृजे ध्वान्तव्यतिकरं दिशाम् ।। ३-१५-२ ।।

    By the force of the pregnancy of Diti, the light of the sun and moon was impaired in all the planets, and the demigods of various planets, being disturbed by that force, asked the creator of the universe, Brahmā, “What is this expansion of darkness in all directions?” ।। 3-15-2 ।।

  3. 3

    देवा ऊचुः तम एतद्विभो वेत्थ संविग्ना यद्वयं भृशम् । न ह्यव्यक्तं भगवतः कालेनास्पृष्टवर्त्मनः ।। ३-१५-३ ।।

    The fortunate demigods said: O great one, just see this darkness, which you know very well and which is causing us anxieties. Because the influence of time cannot touch you, there is nothing unmanifest before you. ।। 3-15-3 ।।

  4. 4

    देवदेव जगद्धातर्लोकनाथशिखामणे । परेषामपरेषां त्वं भूतानामसि भाववित् ।। ३-१५-४ ।।

    O god of the demigods, sustainer of the universe, head jewel of all the demigods in other planets, you know the intentions of all living entities, in both the spiritual and material worlds. ।। 3-15-4 ।।

  5. 5

    नमो विज्ञानवीर्याय माययेदमुपेयुषे । गृहीतगुणभेदाय नमस्तेऽव्यक्तयोनये ।। ३-१५-५ ।।

    O original source of strength and scientific knowledge, all obeisances unto you! You have accepted the differentiated mode of passion from the Supreme Personality of Godhead. With the help of external energy you are born of the unmanifested source. All obeisances unto you! ।। 3-15-5 ।।