1. 26

    यस्यानवद्याचरितं मनीषिणो गृणन्त्यविद्यापटलं बिभित्सवः । निरस्तसाम्यातिशयोऽपि यत्स्वयं पिशाचचर्यामचरद्गतिः सताम् ।। ३-१४-२६ ।।

    Although no one in the material world is equal to or greater than Lord Śiva, and although his unimpeachable character is followed by great souls to dismantle the mass of nescience, he nevertheless remains as if a devil to give salvation to all devotees of the Lord. ।। 3-14-26 ।।

  2. 27

    हसन्ति यस्याचरितं हि दुर्भगाः स्वात्मन् रतस्याविदुषः समीहितम् । यैर्वस्त्रमाल्याभरणानुलेपनैः श्वभोजनं स्वात्मतयोपलालितम् ।। ३-१४-२७ ।।

    Unfortunate, foolish persons, not knowing that he is engaged in his own self, laugh at him. Such foolish persons engage in maintaining the body — which is eatable by dogs — with dresses, ornaments, garlands and ointments. ।। 3-14-27 ।।

  3. 28

    ब्रह्मादयो यत्कृतसेतुपाला यत्कारणं विश्वमिदं च माया । आज्ञाकरी तस्य पिशाचचर्या अहो विभूम्नश्चरितं विडम्बनम् ।। ३-१४-२८ ।।

    Demigods like Brahmā also follow the religious rites observed by him. He is the controller of the material energy, which causes the creation of the material world. He is great, and therefore his devilish characteristics are simply imitation. ।। 3-14-28 ।।

  4. 29

    मैत्रेय उवाच सैवं संविदिते भर्त्रा मन्मथोन्मथितेन्द्रिया । जग्राह वासो ब्रह्मर्षेर्वृषलीव गतत्रपा ।। ३-१४-२९ ।।

    Maitreya said: Diti was thus informed by her husband, but she was pressed by Cupid for sexual satisfaction. She caught hold of the clothing of the great brāhmaṇa sage, just like a shameless public prostitute. ।। 3-14-29 ।।

  5. 30

    स विदित्वाथ भार्यायास्तं निर्बन्धं विकर्मणि । नत्वा दिष्टाय रहसि तयाथोपविवेश ह ।। ३-१४-३० ।।

    Understanding his wife’s purpose, he was obliged to perform the forbidden act, and thus after offering his obeisances unto worshipable fate, he lay with her in a secluded place. ।। 3-14-30 ।।