1. 16

    एष तेऽहं विधास्यामि प्रियं भीरु यदिच्छसि । तस्याः कामं न कः कुर्यात्सिद्धिस्त्रैवर्गिकी यतः ।। ३-१४-१६ ।।

    O afflicted one, I shall forthwith gratify whatever desire is dear to you, for who else but you is the source of the three perfections of liberation? ।। 3-14-16 ।।

  2. 17

    सर्वाश्रमानुपादाय स्वाश्रमेण कलत्रवान् । व्यसनार्णवमत्येति जलयानैर्यथार्णवम् ।। ३-१४-१७ ।।

    As one can cross over the ocean with seagoing vessels, one can cross the dangerous situation of the material ocean by living with a wife. ।। 3-14-17 ।।

  3. 18

    यामाहुरात्मनो ह्यर्धं श्रेयस्कामस्य मानिनि । यस्यां स्वधुरमध्यस्य पुमांश्चरति विज्वरः ।। ३-१४-१८ ।।

    O respectful one, a wife is so helpful that she is called the better half of a man’s body because of her sharing in all auspicious activities. A man can move without anxiety entrusting all responsibilities to his wife. ।। 3-14-18 ।।

  4. 19

    यामाश्रित्येन्द्रियारातीन् दुर्जयानितराश्रमैः । वयं जयेम हेलाभिर्दस्यून् दुर्गपतिर्यथा ।। ३-१४-१९ ।।

    As a fort commander very easily conquers invading plunderers, by taking shelter of a wife one can conquer the senses, which are unconquerable in the other social orders. ।। 3-14-19 ।।

  5. 20

    न वयं प्रभवस्तां त्वामनुकर्तुं गृहेश्वरि । अप्यायुषा वा कार्त्स्न्येन ये चान्ये गुणगृध्नवः ।। ३-१४-२० ।।

    O queen of the home, we are not able to act like you, nor could we repay you for what you have done, even if we worked for our entire life or even after death. To repay you is not possible, even for those who are admirers of personal qualities. ।। 3-14-20 ।।