1. 41

    त्रयीमयं रूपमिदं च सौकरं भूमण्डलेनाथ दता धृतेन ते । चकास्ति श‍ृङ्गोढघनेन भूयसा कुलाचलेन्द्रस्य यथैव विभ्रमः ।। ३-१३-४१ ।।

    O Lord, as the peaks of great mountains become beautiful when decorated with clouds, Your transcendental body has become beautiful because of Your lifting the earth on the edge of Your tusks. ।। 3-13-41 ।।

  2. 42

    संस्थापयैनां जगतां सतस्थुषां लोकाय पत्नीमसि मातरं पिता । विधेम चास्यै नमसा सह त्वया यस्यां स्वतेजोऽग्निमिवारणावधाः ।। ३-१३-४२ ।।

    O Lord, for the residential purposes of all inhabitants, both moving and nonmoving, this earth is Your wife, and You are the supreme father. We offer our respectful obeisances unto You, along with mother earth, in whom You have invested Your own potency, just as an expert sacrificer puts fire in the araṇi wood. ।। 3-13-42 ।।

  3. 43

    कः श्रद्दधीतान्यतमस्तव प्रभो रसां गताया भुव उद्विबर्हणम् । न विस्मयोऽसौ त्वयि विश्वविस्मये यो माययेदं ससृजेऽतिविस्मयम् ।। ३-१३-४३ ।।

    Who else but You, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, could deliver the earth from within the water? It is not very wonderful for You, however, because You acted most wonderfully in the creation of the universe. By Your energy You have created this wonderful cosmic manifestation. ।। 3-13-43 ।।

  4. 44

    विधुन्वता वेदमयं निजं वपुः जनस्तपःसत्यनिवासिनो वयम् । सटाशिखोद्धूतशिवाम्बुबिन्दुभिः विमृज्यमाना भृशमीश पाविताः ।। ३-१३-४४ ।।

    O Supreme Lord, undoubtedly we are inhabitants of the most pious planets — the Jana, Tapas and Satya lokas — but still we have been purified by the drops of water sprinkled from Your shoulder hairs by the shaking of Your body. ।। 3-13-44 ।।

  5. 45

    स वै बत भ्रष्टमतिस्तवैष ते यः कर्मणां पारमपारकर्मणः । यद्योगमायागुणयोगमोहितं विश्वं समस्तं भगवन् विधेहि शम् ।। ३-१३-४५ ।।

    O Lord, there is no limit to Your wonderful activities. Anyone who desires to know the limit of Your activities is certainly nonsensical. Everyone in this world is conditioned by the powerful mystic potencies. Please bestow Your causeless mercy upon these conditioned souls. ।। 3-13-45 ।।