1. 41

    विद्या दानं तपः सत्यं धर्मस्येति पदानि च । आश्रमांश्च यथासङ्ख्यमसृजत्सह वृत्तिभिः ।। ३-१२-४१ ।।

    Education, charity, penance and truth are said to be the four legs of religion, and to learn this there are four orders of life with different classifications of castes according to vocation. Brahmā created all these in systematic order. ।। 3-12-41 ।।

  2. 42

    सावित्रं प्राजापत्यं च ब्राह्मं चाथ बृहत्तथा । वार्तासञ्चयशालीनशिलोञ्छ इति वै गृहे ।। ३-१२-४२ ।।

    Then the thread ceremony for the twice-born was inaugurated, as were the rules to be followed for at least one year after acceptance of the Vedas, rules for observing complete abstinence from sex life, vocations in terms of Vedic injunctions, various professional duties in household life, and the method of maintaining a livelihood without anyone’s cooperation by picking up rejected grains. ।। 3-12-42 ।।

  3. 43

    वैखानसा वालखिल्यौदुम्बराः फेनपा वने । न्यासे कुटीचकः पूर्वं बह्वोदो हंसनिष्क्रियौ ।। ३-१२-४३ ।।

    The four divisions of retired life are the vaikhānasas, vālakhilyas, audumbaras and phenapas. The four divisions of the renounced order of life are the kuṭīcakas, bahvodas, haṁsas and niṣkriyas. All these were manifested from Brahmā. ।। 3-12-43 ।।

  4. 44

    आन्वीक्षिकी त्रयी वार्ता दण्डनीतिस्तथैव च । एवं व्याहृतयश्चासन् प्रणवो ह्यस्य दह्रतः ।। ३-१२-४४ ।।

    The science of logical argument, the Vedic goals of life, and also law and order, moral codes and the celebrated hymns bhūḥ, bhuvaḥ and svaḥ all became manifested from the mouths of Brahmā, and the praṇava oṁkāra was manifested from his heart. ।। 3-12-44 ।।

  5. 45

    तस्योष्णिगासील्लोमभ्यो गायत्री च त्वचो विभोः । त्रिष्टुम्मांसात्स्नुतोऽनुष्टुब्जगत्यस्थ्नः प्रजापतेः ।। ३-१२-४५ ।।

    Thereafter the art of literary expression, uṣṇik, was generated from the hairs on the body of the almighty Prajāpati. The principal Vedic hymn, gāyatrī, was generated from the skin, triṣṭup from the flesh, anuṣṭup from the veins, and jagatī from the bones of the lord of the living entities. ।। 3-12-45 ।।