1. 16

    रुद्राणां रुद्रसृष्टानां समन्ताद्ग्रसतां जगत् । निशाम्यासङ्ख्यशो यूथान् प्रजापतिरशङ्कत ।। ३-१२-१६ ।।

    The sons and grandsons generated by Rudra were unlimited in number, and when they assembled together they attempted to devour the entire universe. When Brahmā, the father of the living entities, saw this, he became afraid of the situation. ।। 3-12-16 ।।

  2. 17

    अलं प्रजाभिः सृष्टाभिरीदृशीभिः सुरोत्तम । मया सह दहन्तीभिर्दिशश्चक्षुर्भिरुल्बणैः ।। ३-१२-१७ ।।

    Brahmā told Rudra: O best among the demigods, there is no need for you to generate living entities of this nature. They have begun to devastate everything on all sides with the fiery flames from their eyes, and they have even attacked me. ।। 3-12-17 ।।

  3. 18

    तप आतिष्ठ भद्रं ते सर्वभूतसुखावहम् । तपसैव यथा पूर्वं स्रष्टा विश्वमिदं भवान् ।। ३-१२-१८ ।।

    My dear son, you had better situate yourself in penance, which is auspicious for all living entities and which will bring all benediction upon you. By penance only shall you be able to create the universe as it was before. ।। 3-12-18 ।।

  4. 19

    तपसैव परं ज्योतिर्भगवन्तमधोक्षजम् । सर्वभूतगुहावासमञ्जसा विन्दते पुमान् ।। ३-१२-१९ ।।

    By penance only can one even approach the Personality of Godhead, who is within the heart of every living entity and at the same time beyond the reach of all senses. ।। 3-12-19 ।।

  5. 20

    मैत्रेय उवाच एवमात्मभुवाऽऽदिष्टः परिक्रम्य गिरां पतिम् । बाढमित्यमुमामन्त्र्य विवेश तपसे वनम् ।। ३-१२-२० ।।

    Śrī Maitreya said: Thus Rudra, having been ordered by Brahmā, circumambulated his father, the master of the Vedas. Addressing him with words of assent, he entered the forest to perform austere penances. ।। 3-12-20 ।।