1. 36

    अयं तु कथितः कल्पो द्वितीयस्यापि भारत । वाराह इति विख्यातो यत्रासीत्सूकरो हरिः ।। ३-११-३६ ।।

    O descendant of Bharata, the first millennium in the second half of the life of Brahmā is also known as the Vārāha millennium because the Personality of Godhead appeared in that millennium as the hog incarnation. ।। 3-11-36 ।।

  2. 37

    कालोऽयं द्विपरार्धाख्यो निमेष उपचर्यते । अव्याकृतस्यानन्तस्य ह्यनादेर्जगदात्मनः ।। ३-११-३७ ।।

    The duration of the two parts of Brahmā’s life, as above mentioned, is calculated to be equal to one nimeṣa [less than a second] for the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is unchanging and unlimited and is the cause of all causes of the universe. ।। 3-11-37 ।।

  3. 38

    कालोऽयं परमाण्वादिर्द्विपरार्धान्त ईश्वरः । नैवेशितुं प्रभुर्भूम्न ईश्वरो धाममानिनाम् ।। ३-११-३८ ।।

    Eternal time is certainly the controller of different dimensions, from that of the atom up to the superdivisions of the duration of Brahmā’s life; but, nevertheless, it is controlled by the Supreme. Time can control only those who are body conscious, even up to the Satyaloka or the other higher planets of the universe. ।। 3-11-38 ।।

  4. 39

    विकारैः सहितो युक्तैर्विशेषादिभिरावृतः । आण्डकोशो बहिरयं पञ्चाशत्कोटि विस्तृतः ।। ३-११-३९ ।।

    This phenomenal material world is expanded to a diameter of four billion miles, as a combination of eight material elements transformed into sixteen further categories, within and without, as follows. ।। 3-11-39 ।।

  5. 40

    दशोत्तराधिकैर्यत्र प्रविष्टः परमाणुवत् । लक्ष्यतेऽन्तर्गताश्चान्ये कोटिशो ह्यण्डराशयः ।। ३-११-४० ।।

    The layers or elements covering the universes are each ten times thicker than the one before, and all the universes clustered together appear like atoms in a huge combination. ।। 3-11-40 ।।