1. 16

    अध्यर्हणीयासनमास्थितं परं वृतं चतुःषोडशपञ्चशक्तिभिः । युक्तं भगैः स्वैरितरत्र चाध्रुवैः स्व एव धामन् रममाणमीश्वरम् ।। २-९-१६ ।।

    The Lord was seated on His throne and was surrounded by different energies like the four, the sixteen, the five, and the six natural opulences, along with other insignificant energies of the temporary character. But He was the factual Supreme Lord, enjoying His own abode. ।। 2-9-16 ।।

  2. 17

    तद्दर्शनाह्लादपरिप्लुतान्तरो हृष्यत्तनुः प्रेमभराश्रुलोचनः । ननाम पादाम्बुजमस्य विश्वसृग्यत्पारमहंस्येन पथाधिगम्यते ।। २-९-१७ ।।

    Lord Brahmā, thus seeing the Personality of Godhead in His fullness, was overwhelmed with joy within his heart, and thus in full transcendental love and ecstasy, his eyes filled with tears of love. He thus bowed down before the Lord. That is the way of the highest perfection for the living being [paramahaṁsa]. ।। 2-9-17 ।।

  3. 18

    तं प्रीयमाणं समुपस्थितं तदा प्रजाविसर्गे निजशासनार्हणम् । बभाष ईषत्स्मितशोचिषा गिरा प्रियः प्रियं प्रीतमनाः करे स्पृशन् ।। २-९-१८ ।।

    And seeing Brahmā present before Him, the Lord accepted him as worthy to create living beings, to be controlled as He desired, and thus being much satisfied with him, the Lord shook hands with Brahmā and, slightly smiling, addressed him thus. ।। 2-9-18 ।।

  4. 19

    श्रीभगवानुवाच त्वयाहं तोषितः सम्यग्वेदगर्भ सिसृक्षया । चिरं भृतेन तपसा दुस्तोषः कूटयोगिनाम् ।। २-९-१९ ।।

    The beautiful Personality of Godhead addressed Lord Brahmā: O Brahmā, impregnated with the Vedas, I am very much pleased with your long-accumulated penance with the desire for creation. Hardly am I pleased with the pseudo mystics. ।। 2-9-19 ।।

  5. 20

    वरं वरय भद्रं ते वरेशं माभिवाञ्छितम् । ब्रह्मञ्छ्रेयःपरिश्रामः पुंसो मद्दर्शनावधिः ।। २-९-२० ।।

    I wish you good luck. O Brahmā, you may ask from Me, the giver of all benediction, all that you may desire. You may know that the ultimate benediction, as the result of all penances, is to see Me by realization. ।। 2-9-20 ।।