1. 26

    नामधेयानि मन्त्राश्च दक्षिणाश्च व्रतानि च । देवतानुक्रमः कल्पः सङ्कल्पस्तन्त्रमेव च ।। २-६-२६ ।।

    Other necessities include invoking the different names of the demigods by specific hymns and vows of recompense, in accordance with the particular scripture, for specific purposes and by specific processes. ।। 2-6-26 ‌‌।।

  2. 27

    गतयो मतयः श्रद्धा प्रायश्चित्तं समर्पणम् । पुरुषावयवैरेते सम्भाराः सम्भृता मया ।। २-६-२७ ।।

    Thus I had to arrange all these necessary ingredients and paraphernalia of sacrifice from the personal bodily parts of the Personality of Godhead. By invocation of the demigods’ names, the ultimate goal, Viṣṇu, was gradually attained, and thus compensation and ultimate offering were complete. ।। 2-6-27 ।।

  3. 28

    इति सम्भृतसम्भारः पुरुषावयवैरहम् । तमेव पुरुषं यज्ञं तेनैवायजमीश्वरम् ।। २-६-२८ ।।

    Thus I created the ingredients and paraphernalia for offering sacrifice out of the parts of the body of the Supreme Lord, the enjoyer of the sacrifice, and I performed the sacrifice to satisfy the Lord. ।। 2-6-28 ।।

  4. 29

    ततस्ते भ्रातर इमे प्रजानां पतयो नव । अयजन् व्यक्तमव्यक्तं पुरुषं सुसमाहिताः ।। २-६-२९ ।।

    My dear son, thereafter your nine brothers, who are the masters of living creatures, performed the sacrifice with proper rituals to satisfy both the manifested and nonmanifested personalities. ।। 2-6-29 ।।

  5. 30

    ततश्च मनवः काले ईजिरे ऋषयोऽपरे । पितरो विबुधा दैत्या मनुष्याः क्रतुभिर्विभुम् ।। २-६-३० ।।

    Thereafter, the Manus, the fathers of mankind, the great sages, the forefathers, the learned scholars, the Daityas and mankind performed sacrifices meant to please the Supreme Lord. ।। 2-6-30 ।।