1. 26

    निरभिद्यत शिश्नो वै प्रजानन्दामृतार्थिनः । उपस्थ आसीत्कामानां प्रियं तदुभयाश्रयम् ।। २-१०-२६ ।।

    Thereupon, for sexual pleasure, begetting offspring and tasting heavenly nectar, the Lord developed the genitals, and thus there is the genital organ and its controlling deity, the Prajāpati. The object of sexual pleasure and the controlling deity are under the control of the genitals of the Lord. ।। 2-10-26 ।।

  2. 27

    उत्सिसृक्षोर्धातुमलं निरभिद्यत वै गुदम् । ततः पायुस्ततो मित्र उत्सर्ग उभयाश्रयः ।। २-१०-२७ ।।

    Thereafter, when He desired to evacuate the refuse of eatables, the evacuating hole, anus, and the sensory organ thereof developed along with the controlling deity Mitra. The sensory organ and the evacuating substance are both under the shelter of the controlling deity. ।। 2-10-27 ।।

  3. 28

    आसिसृप्सोः पुरः पुर्या नाभिद्वारमपानतः । तत्रापानस्ततो मृत्युः पृथक्त्वमुभयाश्रयम् ।। २-१०-२८ ।।

    Thereafter, when He desired to move from one body to another, the navel and the air of departure and death were combinedly created. The navel is the shelter for both, namely death and the separating force. ।। 2-10-28 ।।

  4. 29

    आदित्सोरन्नपानानामासन् कुक्ष्यन्त्रनाडयः । नद्यः समुद्राश्च तयोस्तुष्टिः पुष्टिस्तदाश्रये ।। २-१०-२९ ।।

    When there was a desire to have food and drink, the abdomen and the intestines and also the arteries became manifested. The rivers and seas are the source of their sustenance and metabolism. ।। 2-10-29 ।।

  5. 30

    निदिध्यासोरात्ममायां हृदयं निरभिद्यत । ततो मनस्ततश्चन्द्रः सङ्कल्पः काम एव च ।। २-१०-३० ।।

    When there was a desire to think about the activities of His own energy, then the heart (the seat of the mind), the mind, the moon, determination and all desire became manifested. ।। 2-10-30 ।।