1. 11

    तुल्यश्रुततपःशीलास्तुल्यस्वीयारिमध्यमाः । अपि चक्रुः प्रवचनमेकं शुश्रूषवोऽपरे ।। १०-८७-११ ।।

    Although these sages were all equally qualified in terms of Vedic study and austerity, and although they all saw friends, enemies and neutral parties equally, they chose one of their number to be the speaker, and the rest became eager listeners. ।। 10-87-11 ।।

  2. 12

    सनन्दन उवाच स्वसृष्टमिदमापीय शयानं सह शक्तिभिः । तदन्ते बोधयाञ्चक्रुस्तल्लिङ्गैः श्रुतयः परम् ।। १०-८७-१२ ।।

    Śrī Sanandana replied: After the Supreme Lord withdrew the universe He had previously created, He lay for some time as if asleep, and all His energies rested dormant within Him. ।। 10-87-12 ।।

  3. 13

    यथा शयानं सम्राजं वन्दिनस्तत्पराक्रमैः । प्रत्यूषेऽभ्येत्य सुश्लोकैर्बोधयन्त्यनुजीविनः ।। १०-८७-१३ ।।

    When the time came for the next creation, the personified Vedas awakened Him by chanting His glories, just as the poets serving a king approach him at dawn and awaken him by reciting his heroic deeds. ।। 10-87-13 ।।

  4. 14

    श्रुतय ऊचुः जय जय जह्यजामजित दोषगृभीतगुणां त्वमसि यदात्मना समवरुद्धसमस्तभगः । अगजगदोकसामखिलशक्त्यवबोधक ते क्वचिदजयाऽऽत्मना च चरतोऽनुचरेन्निगमः ।। १०-८७-१४ ।।

    The śrutis said: Victory, victory to You, O unconquerable one! By Your very nature You are perfectly full in all opulences; therefore please defeat the eternal power of illusion, who assumes control over the modes of nature to create difficulties for conditioned souls. O You who awaken all the energies of the moving and nonmoving embodied beings, sometimes the Vedas can recognize You as You sport with Your material and spiritual potencies. ।। 10-87-14 ।।

  5. 15

    बृहदुपलब्धमेतदवयन्त्यवशेषतया यत उदयास्तमयौ विकृतेर्मृदि वाविकृतात् । अत ऋषयो दधुस्त्वयि मनोवचनाचरितं कथमयथा भवन्ति भुवि दत्तपदानि नृणाम् ।। १०-८७-१५ ।।

    This perceivable world is identified with the Supreme because the Supreme Brahman is the ultimate foundation of all existence, remaining unchanged as all created things are generated from it and at last dissolved into it, just as clay remains unchanged by the products made from it and again merged with it. Thus it is toward You alone that the Vedic sages direct all their thoughts, words and acts. After all, how can the footsteps of men fail to touch the earth on which they live? ।। 10-87-15 ।।