1. 61

    वसुदेव उवाच भ्रातरीशकृतः पाशो नृणां यः स्नेहसंज्ञितः । तं दुस्त्यजमहं मन्ये शूराणामपि योगिनाम् ।। १०-८४-६१ ।।

    Śrī Vasudeva said: My dear brother, God Himself has tied the knot called affection, which tightly binds human beings together. It seems to me that even great heroes and mystics find it very difficult to free themselves from it. ।। 10-84-61 ।।

  2. 62

    अस्मास्वप्रतिकल्पेयं यत्कृताज्ञेषु सत्तमैः । मैत्र्यर्पिताफला वापि न निवर्तेत कर्हिचित् ।। १०-८४-६२ ।।

    Indeed, the Supreme Lord must have created the bonds of affection, for such exalted saints as you have never stopped showing matchless friendship toward us ingrates, although it has never been properly reciprocated. ।। 10-84-62 ।।

  3. 63

    प्रागकल्पाच्च कुशलं भ्रातर्वो नाचराम हि । अधुना श्रीमदान्धाक्षा न पश्यामः पुरः सतः ।। १०-८४-६३ ।।

    Previously, dear brother, we did nothing to benefit you because we were unable to, yet even now that you are present before us, our eyes are so blinded by the intoxication of material good fortune that we continue to ignore you. ।। 10-84-63 ।।

  4. 64

    मा राज्यश्रीरभूत्पुंसः श्रेयस्कामस्य मानद । स्वजनानुत बन्धून् वा न पश्यति ययान्धदृक् ।। १०-८४-६४ ।।

    O most respectful one, may a person who wants the highest benefit in life never gain kingly opulence, for it leaves him blind to the needs of his own family and friends. ।। 10-84-64 ।।

  5. 65

    श्रीशुक उवाच एवं सौहृदशैथिल्यचित्त आनकदुन्दुभिः । रुरोद तत्कृतां मैत्रीं स्मरन्नश्रुविलोचनः ।। १०-८४-६५ ।।

    Śrī Śukadeva Gosvāmī said: His heart softened by feelings of intimate sympathy, Vasudeva wept. His eyes brimmed with tears as he remembered the friendship Nanda had shown him. ।। 10-84-65 ।।