1. 31

    सन्निकर्षो हि मर्त्यानामनादरणकारणम् । गाङ्गं हित्वा यथान्याम्भस्तत्रत्यो याति शुद्धये ।। १०-८४-३१ ।।

    In this world familiarity breeds contempt. For example, one who lives on the banks of the Ganges might travel to some other body of water to be purified. ।। 10-84-31 ।।

  2. 32

    यस्यानुभूतिः कालेन लयोत्पत्त्यादिनास्य वै । स्वतोऽन्यस्माच्च गुणतो न कुतश्चन रिष्यति ।। १०-८४-३२ ।।

    The Supreme Lord’s awareness is never disturbed by time, by the creation and destruction of the universe, by changes in its own qualities, or by anything else, whether self-caused or external. ।। 10-84-32 ।।

  3. 33

    तं क्लेशकर्मपरिपाकगुणप्रवाहैरव्याहतानुभवमीश्वरमद्वितीयम् । प्राणादिभिः स्वविभवैरुपगूढमन्यो मन्येत सूर्यमिव मेघहिमोपरागैः ।। १०-८४-३३ ।।

    But although the consciousness of the Personality of Godhead, who is the supreme one without a second, is never affected by material distress, by the reactions of material work or by the constant flow of nature’s modes, ordinary persons nonetheless think that the Lord is covered by His own creations of prāṇa and other material elements, just as one may think that the sun is covered by clouds, snow or an eclipse. ।। 10-84-33 ।।

  4. 34

    अथोचुर्मुनयो राजन्नाभाष्यानकदुन्दभिम् । सर्वेषां श‍ृण्वतां राज्ञां तथैवाच्युतरामयोः ।। १०-८४-३४ ।।

    [Śukadeva Gosvāmī continued:] The sages then spoke again, O King, addressing Vasudeva while all the kings, along with Lord Acyuta and Lord Rāma, listened. ।। 10-84-34 ।।

  5. 35

    कर्मणा कर्मनिर्हार एष साधु निरूपितः । यच्छ्रद्धया यजेद्विष्णुं सर्वयज्ञेश्वरं मखैः ।। १०-८४-३५ ।।

    [The sages said:] It has been definitely concluded that work is counteracted by further work when one executes Vedic sacrifices as a means of worshiping Viṣṇu, the Lord of all sacrifices, with sincere faith. ।। 10-84-35 ।।