1. 36

    तावात्मासनमारोप्य बाहुभ्यां परिरभ्य च । यशोदा च महाभागा सुतौ विजहतुः शुचः ।। १०-८२-३६ ।।

    Raising their two sons onto their laps and holding Them in their arms, Nanda and saintly mother Yaśodā forgot their sorrow. ।। 10-82-36 ।।

  2. 37

    रोहिणी देवकी चाथ परिष्वज्य व्रजेश्वरीम् । स्मरन्त्यौ तत्कृतां मैत्रीं बाष्पकण्ठ्यौ समूचतुः ।। १०-८२-३७ ।।

    Then Rohiṇī and Devakī both embraced the Queen of Vraja, remembering the faithful friendship she had shown them. Their throats choking with tears, they addressed her as follows. ।। 10-82-37 ।।

  3. 38

    का विस्मरेत वां मैत्रीमनिवृत्तां व्रजेश्वरि । अवाप्याप्यैन्द्रमैश्वर्यं यस्या नेह प्रतिक्रिया ।। १०-८२-३८ ।।

    [Rohiṇī and Devakī said:] What woman could forget the unceasing friendship you and Nanda have shown us, dear Queen of Vraja? There is no way to repay you in this world, even with the wealth of Indra. ।। 10-82-38 ।।

  4. 39

    एतावदृष्टपितरौ युवयोः स्म पित्रोः सम्प्रीणनाभ्युदयपोषणपालनानि । प्राप्योषतुर्भवति पक्ष्म ह यद्वदक्ष्णोः न्यस्तावकुत्र च भयौ न सतां परः स्वः ।। १०-८२-३९ ।।

    Before these two boys had ever seen Their real parents, you acted as Their parents and gave Them all affectionate care, training, nourishment and protection. They were never afraid, good lady, because you protected Them just as eyelids protect the eyes. Indeed, saintly persons like you never discriminate between outsiders and their own kin.

  5. 40

    श्रीशुक उवाच गोप्यश्च कृष्णमुपलभ्य चिरादभीष्टं यत्प्रेक्षणे दृशिषु पक्ष्मकृतं शपन्ति । दृग्भिर्हृदीकृतमलं परिरभ्य सर्वास्तद्भावमापुरपि नित्ययुजां दुरापम् ।। १०-८२-४० ।।

    Śukadeva Gosvāmī said: While gazing at their beloved Kṛṣṇa, the young gopīs used to condemn the creator of their eyelids, [which would momentarily block their vision of Him]. Now, seeing Kṛṣṇa again after such a long separation, with their eyes they took Him into their hearts, and there they embraced Him to their full satisfaction. In this way they became totally absorbed in ecstatic meditation on Him, although those who constantly practice mystic yoga find such absorption difficult to achieve. ।। 10-82-40 ।।