1. 26

    भोजयित्वा वरान्नेन सुस्नातान् समलङ्कृतान् । भोगैश्च विविधैर्युक्तांस्ताम्बूलाद्यैर्नृपोचितैः ।। १०-७३-२६ ।।

    After they had been properly bathed and adorned, Lord Kṛṣṇa saw to it that they dined on excellent food. He also presented them with various items befitting the pleasure of kings, such as betel nut. ।। 10-73-26 ।।

  2. 27

    ते पूजिता मुकुन्देन राजानो मृष्टकुण्डलाः । विरेजुर्मोचिताः क्लेशात्प्रावृडन्ते यथा ग्रहाः ।। १०-७३-२७ ।‌।

    Honored by Lord Mukunda and freed from tribulation, the kings shone splendidly, their earrings gleaming, just as the moon and other celestial bodies shine brilliantly in the sky at the end of the rainy season. ।। 10-73-27 ।‌।

  3. 28

    रथान् सदश्वानारोप्य मणिकाञ्चनभूषितान् । प्रीणय्य सूनृतैर्वाक्यैः स्वदेशान् प्रत्ययापयत् ।। १०-७३-२८ ।।

    Then the Lord arranged for the kings to be seated on chariots drawn by fine horses and adorned with jewels and gold, and pleasing them with gracious words, He sent them off to their own kingdoms. ।। 10-73-28 ।।

  4. 29

    त एवं मोचिताः कृच्छ्रात्कृष्णेन सुमहात्मना । ययुस्तमेव ध्यायन्तः कृतानि च जगत्पतेः ।। १०-७३-२९ ।।

    Thus liberated from all difficulty by Kṛṣṇa, the greatest of personalities, the kings departed, and as they went they thought only of Him, the Lord of the universe, and of His wonderful deeds. ।। 10-73-29 ।।

  5. 30

    जगदुः प्रकृतिभ्यस्ते महापुरुषचेष्टितम् । यथान्वशासद्भगवांस्तथा चक्रुरतन्द्रिताः ।। १०-७३-३० ।।

    The kings told their ministers and other associates what the Personality of Godhead had done, and then they diligently carried out the orders He had imparted to them. ।। 10-73-30 ।।