1. 6

    औत्थानिकौत्सुक्यमना मनस्विनी समागतान् पूजयती व्रजौकसः । नैवाश‍ृणोद्वै रुदितं सुतस्य सा रुदन् स्तनार्थी चरणावुदक्षिपत् ।। १०-७-६ ।।

    The liberal mother Yaśodā, absorbed in celebrating the utthāna ceremony, was busy receiving guests, worshiping them with all respect and offering them clothing, cows, garlands and grains. Thus she could not hear the child crying for His mother. At that time, the child Kṛṣṇa, demanding to drink the milk of His mother’s breast, angrily threw His legs upward. ।। 10-7-6 ।।

  2. 7

    अधः शयानस्य शिशोरनोऽल्पकप्रवालमृद्वङ्घ्रिहतं व्यवर्तत । विध्वस्तनानारसकुप्यभाजनं व्यत्यस्तचक्राक्षविभिन्नकूबरम् ।। १०-७-७ ।।

    Lord Śrī Kṛṣṇa was lying down underneath the handcart in one corner of the courtyard, and although His little legs were as soft as leaves, when He struck the cart with His legs, it turned over violently and collapsed. The wheels separated from the axle, the hubs and spokes fell apart, and the pole of the handcart broke. On the cart there were many little utensils made of various metals, and all of them scattered hither and thither. ।। 10-7-7 ।।

  3. 8

    दृष्ट्वा यशोदाप्रमुखा व्रजस्त्रिय औत्थानिके कर्मणि याः समागताः । नन्दादयश्चाद्भुतदर्शनाकुलाः कथं स्वयं वै शकटं विपर्यगात् ।। १०-७-८ ।।

    When mother Yaśodā and the other ladies who had assembled for the utthāna festival, and all the men, headed by Nanda Mahārāja, saw the wonderful situation, they began to wonder how the handcart had collapsed by itself. They began to wander here and there, trying to find the cause, but were unable to do so. ।। 10-7-8 ।।

  4. 9

    ऊचुरव्यवसितमतीन् गोपान् गोपीश्च बालकाः । रुदतानेन पादेन क्षिप्तमेतन्न संशयः ।। १०-७-९ ।।

    The assembled cowherd men and ladies began to contemplate how this thing had happened. “Is it the work of some demon or evil planet?” they asked. At that time, the small children present asserted that the cart had been kicked apart by the baby Kṛṣṇa. As soon as the crying baby had kicked the cart’s wheel, the cart had collapsed. There was no doubt about it. ।। 10-7-9 ।।

  5. 10

    न ते श्रद्दधिरे गोपा बालभाषितमित्युत । अप्रमेयं बलं तस्य बालकस्य न ते विदुः ।। १०-७-१० ।।

    The assembled gopīs and gopas, unaware that Kṛṣṇa is always unlimited, could not believe that baby Kṛṣṇa had such inconceivable power. They could not believe the statements of the children, and therefore they neglected these statements as being childish talk. ।। 10-7-10 ।।