1. 21

    गोकुलं सर्वमावृण्वन् मुष्णंश्चक्षूंषि रेणुभिः । ईरयन् सुमहाघोरशब्देन प्रदिशो दिशः ।। १०-७-२१ ।।

    Covering the whole land of Gokula with particles of dust, that demon, acting as a strong whirlwind, covered everyone’s vision and began vibrating everywhere with a greatly fearful sound. ।। 10-7-21 ।।

  2. 22

    मुहूर्तमभवद्गोष्ठं रजसा तमसाऽऽवृतम् । सुतं यशोदा नापश्यत्तस्मिन् न्यस्तवती यतः ।। १०-७-२२ ।।

    For a moment, the whole pasturing ground was overcast with dense darkness from the dust storm, and mother Yaśodā was unable to find her son where she had placed Him. ।। 10-7-22 ।।

  3. 23

    नापश्यत्कश्चनात्मानं परं चापि विमोहितः । तृणावर्तनिसृष्टाभिः शर्कराभिरुपद्रुतः ।। १०-७-२३ ।।

    Because of the bits of sand thrown about by Tṛṇāvarta, people could not see themselves or anyone else, and thus they were illusioned and disturbed. ।। 10-7-23 ।।

  4. 24

    इति खरपवनचक्रपांसुवर्षे सुतपदवीमबलाविलक्ष्य माता । अतिकरुणमनुस्मरन्त्यशोचद्भुवि पतिता मृतवत्सका यथा गौः ।। १०-७-२४ ।।

    Because of the dust storm stirred up by the strong whirlwind, mother Yaśodā could find no trace of her son, nor could she understand why. Thus she fell down on the ground like a cow who has lost her calf and began to lament very pitifully. ।। 10-7-24 ।।

  5. 25

    रुदितमनुनिशम्य तत्र गोप्यो भृशमनुतप्तधियोऽश्रुपूर्णमुख्यः । रुरुदुरनुपलभ्य नन्दसूनुं पवन उपारत पांसुवर्षवेगे ।। १०-७-२५ ।।

    When the force of the dust storm and the winds subsided, Yaśodā’s friends, the other gopīs, approached mother Yaśodā, hearing her pitiful crying. Not seeing Kṛṣṇa present, they too felt very much aggrieved and joined mother Yaśodā in crying, their eyes full of tears. ।। 10-7-25 ।।