1. 16

    कस्यचिद्द्विजमुख्यस्य भ्रष्टा गौर्मम गोधने । सम्पृक्ताविदुषा सा च मया दत्ता द्विजातये ।। १०-६४-१६ ।।

    Once a cow belonging to a certain first-class brāhmaṇa wandered away and entered my herd. Unaware of this, I gave that cow in charity to a different brāhmaṇa. ।। 10-64-16 ।।

  2. 17

    तां नीयमानां तत्स्वामी दृष्ट्रोवाच ममेति तम् । ममेति परिग्राह्याह नृगो मे दत्तवानिति ।। १०-६४-१७ ।।

    When the cow’s first owner saw her being led away, he said, “She is mine!” The second brāhmaṇa, who had accepted her as a gift, replied, “No, she’s mine! Nṛga gave her to me.” ।। 10-64-17 ।।

  3. 18

    विप्रौ विवदमानौ मामूचतुः स्वार्थसाधकौ । भवान् दातापहर्तेति तच्छ्रुत्वा मेऽभवद्भ्रमः ।। १०-६४-१८ ।।

    As the two brāhmaṇas argued, each trying to fulfill his own purpose, they came to me. One of them said, “You gave me this cow,” and the other said, “But you stole her from me.” Hearing this, I was bewildered. ।। 10-64-18 ।।

  4. 19

    अनुनीतावुभौ विप्रौ धर्मकृच्छ्रगतेन वै । गवां लक्षं प्रकृष्टानां दास्याम्येषा प्रदीयताम् ।। १०-६४-१९ ।।

    Finding myself in a terrible dilemma concerning my duty in the situation, I humbly entreated both the brāhmaṇas: “I will give one hundred thousand of the best cows in exchange for this one. Please give her back to me. ।। 10-64-19 ।।

  5. 20

    भवन्तावनुगृह्णीतां किङ्करस्याविजानतः । समुद्धरत मां कृच्छ्रात्पतन्तं निरयेऽशुचौ ।। १०-६४-२० ।।

    Your good selves should be merciful to me, your servant. I did not know what I was doing. Please save me from this difficult situation, or I’ll surely fall into a filthy hell.” ।। 10-64-20 ।।