1. 6

    स एकदाऽऽह गिरिशं पार्श्वस्थं वीर्यदुर्मदः । किरीटेनार्कवर्णेन संस्पृशंस्तत्पदाम्बुजम् ।। १०-६२-६ ।।

    Bāṇāsura was intoxicated with his strength. One day, when Lord Śiva was standing beside him, Bāṇāsura touched the lord’s lotus feet with his helmet, which shone like the sun, and spoke to him as follows. ।। 10-62-6 ।।

  2. 7

    नमस्ये त्वां महादेव लोकानां गुरुमीश्वरम् । पुंसामपूर्णकामानां कामपूरामराङ्घ्रिपम् ।। १०-६२-७ ।।

    [Bāṇāsura said:] O Lord Mahādeva, I bow down to you, the spiritual master and controller of the worlds. You are like the heavenly tree that fulfills the desires of those whose desires are unfulfilled. ।। 10-62-7 ।।

  3. 8

    दोःसहस्रं त्वया दत्तं परं भाराय मेऽभवत् । त्रिलोक्यां प्रतियोद्धारं न लभे त्वदृते समम् ।। १०-६२-८ ।।

    These one thousand arms you bestowed upon me have become merely a heavy burden. Besides you, I find no one in the three worlds worthy to fight. ।। 10-62-8 ।।

  4. 9

    कण्डूत्या निभृतैर्दोर्भिर्युयुत्सुर्दिग्गजानहम् । आद्यायां चूर्णयन्नद्रीन् भीतास्तेऽपि प्रदुद्रुवुः ।। १०-६२-९ ।।

    Eager to fight with the elephants who rule the directions, O primeval lord, I went forth, pulverizing mountains with my arms, which were itching for battle. But even those great elephants fled in fear. ।। 10-62-9 ।।

  5. 10

    तच्छ्रुत्वा भगवान् क्रुद्धः केतुस्ते भज्यते यदा । त्वद्दर्पघ्नं भवेन्मूढ संयुगं मत्समेन ते ।। १०-६२-१० ।।

    Hearing this, Lord Śiva became angry and replied, “Your flag will be broken, fool, when you have done battle with one who is my equal. That fight will vanquish your conceit.” ।। 10-62-10 ।।