1. 51

    उपलब्धं पतिप्रेम पातिव्रत्यं च तेऽनघे । यद्वाक्यैश्चाल्यमानाया न धीर्मय्यपकर्षिता ।। १०-६०-५१ ।।

    O sinless one, I have now seen firsthand the pure love and chaste attachment you have for your husband. Even though shaken by My words, your mind could not be pulled away from Me. ।। 10-60-51 ।।

  2. 52

    ये मां भजन्ति दाम्पत्ये तपसा व्रतचर्यया । कामात्मानोऽपवर्गेशं मोहिता मम मायया ।। १०-६०-५२ ।।

    Although I have the power to award spiritual liberation, lusty persons worship Me with penance and vows in order to get My blessings for their mundane family life. Such persons are bewildered by My illusory energy. ।। 10-60-52 ।।

  3. 53

    मां प्राप्य मानिन्यपवर्गसम्पदं वाञ्छन्ति ये सम्पद एव तत्पतिम् । ते मन्दभाग्या निरयेऽपि ये नृणां मात्रात्मकत्वान्निरयः सुसङ्गमः ।। १०-६०-५३ ।।

    O supreme reservoir of love, unfortunate are they who even after obtaining Me, the Lord of both liberation and material riches, hanker only for material treasures. These worldly gains can be found even in hell. Since such persons are obsessed with sense gratification, hell is a fitting place for them. ।। 10-60-53 ।।

  4. 54

    दिष्ट्या गृहेश्वर्यसकृन्मयि त्वया कृतानुवृत्तिर्भवमोचनी खलैः । सुदुष्करासौ सुतरां दुराशिषो ह्यसुम्भराया निकृतिं जुषः स्त्रियाः ।। १०-६०-५४ ।।

    Fortunately, O mistress of the house, you have always rendered Me faithful devotional service, which liberates one from material existence. This service is very difficult for the envious to perform, especially for a woman whose intentions are wicked, who lives only to gratify her bodily demands, and who indulges in duplicity. ।। 10-60-54 ।।

  5. 55

    न त्वादृशीं प्रणयिनीं गृहिणीं गृहेषु पश्यामि मानिनि यया स्वविवाहकाले । प्राप्तान् नृपानवगणय्य रहो हरो मे प्रस्थापितो द्विज उपश्रुतसत्कथस्य ।। १०-६०-५५ ।।

    In all My palaces I can find no other wife as loving as you, O most respectful one. When you were to be married, you disregarded all the kings who had assembled to seek your hand, and simply because you had heard authentic accounts concerning Me, you sent a brāhmaṇa to Me with your confidential message. ।। 10-60-55 ।।