1. 46

    अस्त्वम्बुजाक्ष मम ते चरणानुराग आत्मन् रतस्य मयि चानतिरिक्तदृष्टेः । यर्ह्यस्य वृद्धय उपात्तरजोऽतिमात्रो मामीक्षसे तदु ह नः परमानुकम्पा ।। १०-६०-४६ ।।

    O lotus-eyed one, though You are satisfied within Yourself and thus rarely turn Your attention toward me, please bless me with steady love for Your feet. It is when You assume a predominance of passion in order to manifest the universe that You glance upon me, showing me what is indeed Your greatest mercy. ।। 10-60-46 ।।

  2. 47

    नैवालीकमहं मन्ये वचस्ते मधुसूदन । अम्बाया इव हि प्रायः कन्यायाः स्याद्रतिः क्वचित् ।। १०-६०-४७ ।।

    Actually, I don’t consider Your words false, Madhūsudana. Quite often an unmarried girl is attracted to a man, as in the case of Ambā. ।। 10-60-47 ।।

  3. 48

    व्यूढायाश्चापि पुंश्चल्या मनोऽभ्येति नवं नवम् । बुधोऽसतीं न बिभृयात्तां बिभ्रदुभयच्युतः ।। १०-६०-४८ ।।

    The mind of a promiscuous woman always hankers for new lovers, even if she is married. An intelligent man should not keep such an unchaste wife, for if he does he will lose his good fortune both in this life and the next. ।। 10-60-48 ।।

  4. 49

    श्रीभगवानुवाच साध्व्येतच्छ्रोतुकामैस्त्वं राजपुत्रि प्रलम्भिता । मयोदितं यदन्वात्थ सर्वं तत्सत्यमेव हि ।। १०-६०-४९ ।।

    The Supreme Lord said: O saintly lady, O princess, We deceived you only because We wanted to hear you speak like this. Indeed, everything you said in reply to My words is most certainly true. ।। 10-60-49 ।।

  5. 50

    यान् यान् कामयसे कामान् मय्यकामाय भामिनि । सन्ति ह्येकान्तभक्तायास्तव कल्याणि नित्यदा ।। १०-६०-५० ।।

    Whatever benedictions you hope for in order to become free of material desires are ever yours, O fair and noble lady, for you are My unalloyed devotee. ।। 10-60-50 ।।