1. 16

    विसृज शिरसि पादं वेद्म्यहं चाटुकारैरनुनयविदुषस्तेऽभ्येत्य दौत्यैर्मुकुन्दात् । स्वकृत इह विसृष्टापत्यपत्यन्यलोकाः व्यसृजदकृतचेताः किं नु सन्धेयमस्मिन् ।। १०-४७-१६ ।।

    Keep your head off My feet! I know what you’re doing. You expertly learned diplomacy from Mukunda, and now you come as His messenger with flattering words. But He abandoned those who for His sake alone gave up their children, husbands and all other relations. He’s simply ungrateful. Why should I make up with Him now? ।। 10-47-16 ।।

  2. 17

    मृगयुरिव कपीन्द्रं विव्यधे लुब्धधर्मा स्त्रियमकृत विरूपां स्त्रीजितः कामयानाम् । बलिमपि बलिमत्त्वावेष्टयद्ध्वाङ्क्षवद्यः तदलमसितसख्यैर्दुस्त्यजस्तत्कथार्थः ।। १०-४७-१७ ।।

    Like a hunter, He cruelly shot the king of the monkeys with arrows. Because He was conquered by a woman, He disfigured another woman who came to Him with lusty desires. And even after consuming the gifts of Bali Mahārāja, He bound him up with ropes as if he were a crow. So let us give up all friendship with this dark-complexioned boy, even if we can’t give up talking about Him. ।। 10-47-17 ।।

  3. 18

    यदनुचरितलीलाकर्णपीयूषविप्रुट् सकृददनविधूतद्वन्द्वधर्मा विनष्टाः । सपदि गृहकुटुम्बं दीनमुत्सृज्य दीना बहव इह विहङ्गा भिक्षुचर्यां चरन्ति ।। १०-४७-१८ ।।

    To hear about the pastimes that Kṛṣṇa regularly performs is nectar for the ears. For those who relish just a single drop of that nectar, even once, their dedication to material duality is ruined. Many such persons have suddenly given up their wretched homes and families and, themselves becoming wretched, traveled here to Vṛndāvana to wander about like birds, begging for their living. ।। 10-47-18 ।।

  4. 19

    वयमृतमिव जिह्मव्याहृतं श्रद्दधानाः कुलिकरुतमिवाज्ञाः कृष्णवध्वो हरिण्यः । ददृशुरसकृदेतत्तन्नखस्पर्शतीव्रस्मररुज उपमन्त्रिन् भण्यतामन्यवार्ता ।। १०-४७-१९ ।।

    Faithfully taking His deceitful words as true, we became just like the black deer’s foolish wives, who trust the cruel hunter’s song. Thus we repeatedly felt the sharp pain of lust caused by the touch of His nails. O messenger, please talk about something besides Kṛṣṇa. ।। 10-47-19 ।।

  5. 20

    प्रियसख पुनरागाः प्रेयसा प्रेषितः किं वरय किमनुरुन्धे माननीयोऽसि मेऽङ्ग । नयसि कथमिहास्मान् दुस्त्यजद्वन्द्वपार्श्वं सततमुरसि सौम्य श्रीर्वधूः साकमास्ते ।। १०-४७-२० ।।

    O friend of My dear one, has My beloved sent you here again? I should honor you, friend, so please choose whatever boon you wish. But why have you come back here to take us to Him, whose conjugal love is so difficult to give up? After all, gentle bee, His consort is the goddess Śrī, and she is always with Him, staying upon His chest. ।। 10-47-20 ।।