1. 11

    काचिन्मधुकरं दृष्ट्वा ध्यायन्ती कृष्णसङ्गमम् । प्रियप्रस्थापितं दूतं कल्पयित्वेदमब्रवीत् ।। १०-४७-११ ।।

    One of the gopīs, while meditating on Her previous association with Kṛṣṇa, saw a honeybee before Her and imagined it to be a messenger sent by Her beloved. Thus She spoke as follows. ।। 10-47-11 ।।

  2. 12

    गोप्युवाच मधुप कितवबन्धो मा स्पृशाङ्घ्रिं सपत्न्याः कुचविलुलितमालाकुङ्कुमश्मश्रुभिर्नः । वहतु मधुपतिस्तन्मानिनीनां प्रसादं यदुसदसि विडम्ब्यं यस्य दूतस्त्वमीदृक् ।। १०-४७-१२ ।।

    The gopī said: O honeybee, O friend of a cheater, don’t touch My feet with your whiskers, which are smeared with the kuṅkuma that rubbed onto Kṛṣṇa’s garland when it was crushed by the breasts of a rival lover! Let Kṛṣṇa satisfy the women of Mathurā. One who sends a messenger like you will certainly be ridiculed in the Yadus’ assembly. ।। 10-47-12 ।।

  3. 13

    सकृदधरसुधां स्वां मोहिनीं पाययित्वा सुमनस इव सद्यस्तत्यजेऽस्मान् भवादृक् । परिचरति कथं तत्पादपद्मं तु पद्मा ह्यपि बत हृतचेता ह्युत्तमश्लोकजल्पैः ।। १०-४७-१३ ।।

    After making us drink the enchanting nectar of His lips only once, Kṛṣṇa suddenly abandoned us, just as you might quickly abandon some flowers. How is it, then, that Goddess Padmā willingly serves His lotus feet? Alas! The answer must certainly be that her mind has been stolen away by His deceitful words. ।। 10-47-13 ।।

  4. 14

    किमिह बहु षडङ्घ्रे गायसि त्वं यदूनामधिपतिमगृहाणामग्रतो नः पुराणम् । विजयसखसखीनां गीयतां तत्प्रसङ्गः क्षपितकुचरुजस्ते कल्पयन्तीष्टमिष्टाः ।। १०-४७-१४ ।।

    O bee, why do you sing here so much about the Lord of the Yadus, in front of us homeless people? These topics are old news to us. Better you sing about that friend of Arjuna in front of His new girlfriends, the burning desire in whose breasts He has now relieved. Those ladies will surely give you the charity you are begging. ।। 10-47-14 ।।

  5. 15

    दिवि भुवि च रसायां काः स्त्रियस्तद्दुरापाः कपटरुचिरहासभ्रूविजृम्भस्य याः स्युः । चरणरज उपास्ते यस्य भूतिर्वयं काः अपि च कृपणपक्षे ह्युत्तमश्लोकशब्दः ।। १०-४७-१५ ।।

    In heaven, on earth or in the subterranean sphere, what women are unavailable to Him? He simply arches His eyebrows and smiles with deceptive charm, and they all become His. The supreme goddess herself worships the dust of His feet, so what is our position in comparison? But at least those who are wretched can chant His name, Uttamaḥśloka. ।। 10-47-15 ।।