1. 11

    को भवान् परया लक्ष्म्या रोचतेऽद्भुतदर्शनः । कथं जुगुप्सितामेतां गतिं वा प्रापितोऽवशः ।। १०-३४-११ ।।

    [Lord Kṛṣṇa said:] My dear sir, you appear so wonderful, glowing with such great beauty. Who are you? And who forced you to assume this terrible body of a snake?।। 10-32-11 ।।

  2. 12

    सर्प उवाच अहं विद्याधरः कश्चित्सुदर्शन इति श्रुतः । श्रिया स्वरूपसम्पत्त्या विमानेनाचरं दिशः ।। १०-३४-१२ ।।

    The serpent replied: I am the well-known Vidyādhara named Sudarśana. I was very opulent and beautiful, and I used to wander freely in all directions in my airplane. ।। 10-34-12 ।।

  3. 13

    ऋषीन् विरूपानङ्गिरसः प्राहसं रूपदर्पितः । तैरिमां प्रापितो योनिं प्रलब्धैः स्वेन पाप्मना ।। १०-३४-१३ ।।

    Once I saw some homely sages of the lineage of Aṅgirā Muni. Proud of my beauty, I ridiculed them, and because of my sin they made me assume this lowly form.।। 10-32-12 ।।

  4. 14

    शापो मेऽनुग्रहायैव कृतस्तैः करुणात्मभिः । यदहं लोकगुरुणा पदा स्पृष्टो हताशुभः ।। १०-३४-१४ ।।

    It was actually for my benefit that those merciful sages cursed me, since now I have been touched by the foot of the supreme spiritual master of all the worlds and have thus been relieved of all inauspiciousness.।। 10-32-14 ।।

  5. 15

    तं त्वाहं भवभीतानां प्रपन्नानां भयापहम् । आपृच्छे शापनिर्मुक्तः पादस्पर्शादमीवहन् ।। १०-३४-१५ ।।

    My Lord, You destroy all fear for those who, fearing this material world, take shelter of You. By the touch of Your feet I am now freed from the curse of the sages. O destroyer of distress, please let me return to my planet.।। 10-32-15 ।।