1. 16

    सन्निपत्य समुत्पाद्य दृश्यन्तेऽनुगता इव । प्रागेव विद्यमानत्वान्न तेषामिह सम्भवः ।। १०-३-१६ ।।

    Because of the living energy [jīva-bhūta], these separated energies combine to make the cosmic manifestation visible, but in fact, before the creation of the cosmos, the total energy is already present. Therefore, the total material energy never actually enters the creation. Similarly, although You are perceived by our senses because of Your presence, You cannot be perceived by the senses, nor experienced by the mind or words [avāṅ-mānasa-gocara]. With our senses we can perceive some things, but not everything; ।। 10-3-16 ।।

  2. 17

    एवं भवान् बुद्ध्यनुमेयलक्षणैर्ग्राह्यैर्गुणैः सन्नपि तद्गुणाग्रहः । अनावृतत्वाद्बहिरन्तरं न ते सर्वस्य सर्वात्मन आत्मवस्तुनः ।। १०-३-१७ ।।

    for example, we can use our eyes to see, but not to taste. Consequently, You are beyond perception by the senses. Although in touch with the modes of material nature, You are unaffected by them. You are the prime factor in everything, the all-pervading, undivided Supersoul. For You, therefore, there is no external or internal. You never entered the womb of Devakī; rather, You existed there already. ।। 10-3-17 ।।

  3. 18

    य आत्मनो दृश्यगुणेषु सन्निति व्यवस्यते स्वव्यतिरेकतोऽबुधः । विनानुवादं न च तन्मनीषितं सम्यग्यतस्त्यक्तमुपाददत्पुमान् ।। १०-३-१८ ।।

    One who considers his visible body, which is a product of the three modes of nature, to be independent of the soul is unaware of the basis of existence, and therefore he is a rascal. Those who are learned have rejected this conclusion because one can understand through full discussion that with no basis in soul, the visible body and senses would be insubstantial. Nonetheless, although his conclusion has been rejected, a foolish person considers it a reality. ।। 10-3-18 ।।

  4. 19

    त्वत्तोऽस्य जन्मस्थितिसंयमान् विभो वदन्त्यनीहादगुणादविक्रियात् । त्वयीश्वरे ब्रह्मणि नो विरुध्यते त्वदाश्रयत्वादुपचर्यते गुणैः ।। १०-३-१९ ।।

    O my Lord, learned Vedic scholars conclude that the creation, maintenance and annihilation of the entire cosmic manifestation are performed by You, who are free from endeavor, unaffected by the modes of material nature, and changeless in Your spiritual situation. There are no contradictions in You, who are the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Parabrahman. Because the three modes of material nature — sattva, rajas and tamas — are under Your control, everything takes place automatically. ।। 10-3-19 ।।

  5. 20

    स त्वं त्रिलोकस्थितये स्वमायया बिभर्षि शुक्लं खलु वर्णमात्मनः । सर्गाय रक्तं रजसोपबृंहितं कृष्णं च वर्णं तमसा जनात्यये ।। १०-३-२० ।।

    My Lord, Your form is transcendental to the three material modes, yet for the maintenance of the three worlds, You assume the white color of Viṣṇu in goodness; for creation, which is surrounded by the quality of passion, You appear reddish; and at the end, when there is a need for annihilation, which is surrounded by ignorance, You appear blackish. ।। 10-3-20 ।।