1. 6

    एतेऽलिनस्तव यशोऽखिललोकतीर्थं गायन्त आदिपुरुषानुपदं भजन्ते । प्रायो अमी मुनिगणा भवदीयमुख्या गूढं वनेऽपि न जहत्यनघात्मदैवम् ।। १०-१५-६ ।।

    O Original Personality, these bees must all be great sages and most elevated devotees of Yours, for they are worshiping You by following You along the path and chanting Your glories, which are themselves a holy place for the entire world. Though You have disguised Yourself within this forest, O sinless one, they refuse to abandon You, their worshipable Lord. ।। 10-15-6 ।।

  2. 7

    नृत्यन्त्यमी शिखिन ईड्य मुदा हरिण्यः कुर्वन्ति गोप्य इव ते प्रियमीक्षणेन । सूक्तैश्च कोकिलगणा गृहमागताय धन्या वनौकस इयान् हि सतां निसर्गः ।। १०-१५-७ ।।

    O worshipable one, these peacocks are dancing before You out of joy, these doe are pleasing You with affectionate glances, just as the gopīs do, and these cuckoos are honoring You with Vedic prayers. All these residents of the forest are most fortunate, and their behavior toward You certainly befits great souls receiving another great soul at home. ।। 10-15-7 ।।

  3. 8

    धन्येयमद्य धरणी तृणवीरुधस्त्वत्पादस्पृशो द्रुमलताः करजाभिमृष्टाः । नद्योऽद्रयः खगमृगाः सदयावलोकैर्गोप्योऽन्तरेण भुजयोरपि यत्स्पृहा श्रीः ।। १०-१५-८ ।।

    This earth has now become most fortunate, because You have touched her grass and bushes with Your feet and her trees and creepers with Your fingernails, and because You have graced her rivers, mountains, birds and animals with Your merciful glances. But above all, You have embraced the young cowherd women between Your two arms — a favor hankered after by the goddess of fortune herself. ।। 10-15-8 ।।

  4. 9

    श्रीशुक उवाच एवं वृन्दावनं श्रीमत्कृष्णः प्रीतमनाः पशून् । रेमे सञ्चारयन्नद्रेः सरिद्रोधःसु सानुगः ।। १०-१५-९ ।।

    Śukadeva Gosvāmī said: Thus expressing His satisfaction with the beautiful forest of Vṛndāvana and its inhabitants, Lord Kṛṣṇa enjoyed tending the cows and other animals with His friends on the banks of the river Yamunā below Govardhana Hill. ।। 10-15-9 ।।

  5. 10

    क्वचिद्गायति गायत्सु मदान्धालिष्वनुव्रतैः । उपगीयमानचरितः स्रग्वी सङ्कर्षणान्वितः ।। १०-१५-१० ।।

    Sometimes the honeybees in Vṛndāvana became so mad with ecstasy that they closed their eyes and began to sing. Lord Kṛṣṇa, moving along the forest path with His cowherd boyfriends and Baladeva would then respond to the bees by imitating their singing while His friends sang about His pastimes. ।। 10-15-10 ।।