1. 1

    [न] शक्रस्य तु सभा दिव्या भास्वरा कर्मभिर जिता सवयं शक्रेण कौरव्य निर्मितार्क समप्रभा ।। २-७-१ ।।

    'Narada said, "The celestial assembly hall of Shakra (Indra) is radiant with luster, earned through his own deeds. Possessing the brilliance of the sun, it was constructed by Shakra himself, O scion of the Kuru race."' ।। 2-7-1 ।।

  2. 2

    विस्तीर्णा यॊजनशतं शतम अध्यर्धम आयता वैहायसी कामगमा पञ्चयॊजनम उच्छ्रिता ।। २-७-२ ।।

    'Capable of traveling anywhere at will, this celestial assembly hall measures one hundred and fifty yojanas in length, one hundred yojanas in breadth, and stands five yojanas high.' ।। 2-7-2 ।।

  3. 3

    जरा शॊकक्लमापेता निरातङ्का शिवा शुभा वेश्मासनवती रम्या दिव्यपादप शॊभिता ।। २-७-३ ।।

    'Dispelling weakness of age, grief, fatigue, and fear, auspicious and bestowing good fortune, furnished with rooms and seats and adorned with celestial trees, it is delightful in the extreme.' ।। 2-7-3 ।।

  4. 4

    तस्यां देवेश्वरः पार्थ सभायां परमासने आस्ते शच्या महेन्द्राण्या शरिया लक्ष्म्या च भारत ।। २-७-४ ।।

    'In that celestial assembly hall, O son of Pritha, the Lord of celestials sits on a splendid seat alongside his wife Sachi, adorned with beauty and abundance.' ।। 2-7-4 ।।

  5. 5

    बिभ्रद वपुर अनिर्देश्यं किरीटी लॊहिताङ्गदः विरजॊऽमबरश चित्रमाल्यॊ हरीकीर्तिद्युतिभिः सह ।। २-७-५ ।।

    'Seated there, his form defies description for its ineffable nature, crowned and adorned with bright armlets, draped in robes of pure white, and adorned with colorful floral garlands. He sits, accompanied by beauty, fame, and glory.' ।। 2-7-5 ।।