1. 16

    कच चिद आत्मसमा बुद्ध्या शुचयॊ जीवितक्षमाः कुलीनाश चानुरक्ताश च कृतास ते वीर मन्त्रिणः ।। २-५-१६ ।।

    'Do you maintain neutrality towards strangers and those who remain neutral towards you? Have you appointed individuals resembling yourself—old, restrained in conduct, discerning in matters of action, of noble birth and character, and loyal to you—as your ministers?' ।। 2-5-16 ।।

  2. 17

    विजयॊ मन्त्रमूलॊ हि राज्ञां भवति भारत सुसंवृतॊ मन्त्रधनैर अमात्यैः शास्त्रकॊविदैः ।। २-५-१७ ।।

    'O Bharata, the foundation of kings' victories lies in wise counsel. Are your realms safeguarded by ministers well-versed in scriptures, guarding their advice closely?' ।। 2-5-17 ।।

  3. 18

    कच चिन निद्रावशं नैषि कच चित काले विबुध्यसे कच चिच चापररात्रेषु चिन्तयस्य अर्थम अर्थवित ।। २-५-१८ ।।

    'Do your enemies fail to harm it? Have you avoided succumbing to sleep? Do you wake up at the right time? Are you well-versed in activities that yield profit, and do you contemplate during the late hours of the night on what actions to take or avoid the next day?' ।। 2-5-18 ।।

  4. 19

    कच चिन मन्त्रयसे नैकः कच चिन न बहुभिः सह कच चित ते मन्त्रितॊ मन्त्रॊ न राष्ट्रम अनुधावति ।। २-५-१९ ।।

    'Do you consult alone or with only a few? Are your counsels shared with many? And do the counsels given to you not benefit the kingdom?' ।। 2-5-19 ।।

  5. 20

    कच चिद अर्थान विनिश्चित्य लघुमूलान महॊदयान कषिप्रम आरभसे कर्तुं न विघ्नयसि तादृशान ।। २-५-२० ।।

    'Do you promptly initiate actions of significant utility that are easily achievable, and do you ensure they are not hindered?' ।। 2-5-20 ।।