1. 106

    कच चित ते कृषितन्त्रेषु गॊषु पुष्पफलेषु च धर्मार्थं च दविजातिभ्यॊ दीयते मधुसर्पिषी ।। २-५-१०६ ।।

    'Do you offer gifts of honey and clarified butter to Brahmins to increase agricultural produce, cattle, fruits, and flowers, and also for the sake of virtue?' ।। 2-5-106 ।।

  2. 107

    दरव्यॊपकरणं कच चित सर्वदा सर्वशिल्पिनाम चातुर्मास्यावरं सम्यङ नियतं संप्रयच्छसि ।। २-५-१०७ ।।

    'Do you consistently provide artisans and artists in your employ with the necessary materials for their work and pay them their wages every four months without fail?' ।। 2-5-107 ।।

  3. 108

    कच चित कृतं विजानीषे कर्तारं च परशंससि सतां मध्ये महाराज सत करॊषि च पूजयन ।। २-५-१०८ ।।

    'Do you scrutinize the tasks completed by those in your employ, commend their efforts in the presence of the virtuous, and duly reward them with due respect?' ।। 2-5-108 ।।

  4. 109

    कच चित सूत्राणि सर्वाणि गृह्णासि भरतर्षभ हस्तिसूत्राश्वसूत्राणि रथसूत्राणि चाभिभॊ ।। २-५-१०९ ।।

    O leader of the Bharata lineage, do you adhere to the principles laid down by sages, especially concerning matters concerning elephants, horses, and chariots?' ।। 2-5-109 ।।

  5. 110

    कच चिद अभ्यस्यते शश्वद गृहे ते भरतर्षभ धनुर्वेदस्य सूत्रं च यन्त्रसूत्रं च नागरम ।। २-५-११० ।।

    'O noble scion of the Bharata lineage, are the doctrines concerning the science of weaponry, as well as those concerning the implementation of war machines—so crucial for cities and fortified locations—taught and studied within your court?' ।। 2-5-110 ।।