1. 101

    [न] अग्निहॊत्रफला वेदा दत्तभुक्त फलं धनम रतिपुत्र फला दाराः शीलवृत्तफलं शरुतम ।। २-५-१०१ ।।

    'The Rishi replied, "The Vedas bear fruit when the one who has studied them performs the Agnihotra and other sacrifices. Wealth bears fruit when the possessor enjoys it himself and also shares it through charity. A wife bears fruit when she is supportive and bears children. Knowledge of the Sastras bears fruit when it leads to humility and righteous conduct.' ।। 2-5-101 ।।

  2. 102

    [व] एतद आख्याय स मुनिर नारदः सुमहातपाः पप्रच्छानन्तरम इदं धर्मात्मानं युधिष्ठिरम ।। २-५-१०२ ।।

    'Having narrated thus, the great sage Narada, who was of great austerity, asked Yudhishthira the righteous, the following question.' ।। 2-5-102 ।।

  3. 103

    [न] कच चिद अभ्यागता दूराद वणिजॊ लाभकारणात यथॊक्तम अवहार्यन्ते शुल्कं शुल्कॊपजीविभिः ।। २-५-१०३ ।।

    'Do the government officials, whose salaries are funded by taxes collected from the populace, ensure that they only collect the rightful dues from merchants arriving from distant lands seeking profit in your territories?' ।। 2-5-103 ।।

  4. 104

    कच चित ते पुरुषा राजन पुरे राष्ट्रे च मानिताः उपानयन्ति पण्यानि उपधाभिर अवञ्चिताः ।। २-५-१०४ ।।

    'Are the merchants, O king, treated with consideration in thy capital and kingdom, capable of bringing their goods thither without being deceived by the false pretexts of (both the buyers and the officers of government)?' ।। 2-5-104 ।।

  5. 105

    कच चिच छृणॊषि वृद्धानां धर्मार्थसहिता गिरः नित्यम अर्थविदां तात तथा धर्मानुदर्शिनाम ।। २-५-१०५ ।।

    'Do you consistently heed, O monarch, the counsel of elderly individuals versed in matters of religion and wealth, which are laden with wisdom and guidance?' ।। 2-5-105 ।।