1. 31

    तां सभाम अभितॊ नित्यं पुष्पवन्तॊ महाद्रुमाः आसन नानाविधा नीलाः शीतच छाया मनॊरमाः ।। २-३-३१ ।।

    'Numerous tall trees of diverse varieties were planted all around the palace, adorned with lush green foliage, providing cool shade, and ever-blossoming, presenting a charming sight to behold.' ।। 2-3-31 ।।

  2. 32

    काननानि सुगन्धीनि पुष्करिण्यश च सर्वशः हंसकारण्डव युताश चक्रवाकॊपशॊभिताः ।। २-३-३२ ।।

    'Artificial groves surrounded the area, perpetually emanating a delightful fragrance. There were numerous ponds adorned with swans, cranes, and Brahminy ducks scattered around the grounds of the mansion.' ।। 2-3-32 ।।

  3. 33

    जलजानां च माल्यानां सथलजानां च सर्वशः मारुतॊ गन्धम आदाय पाण्डवान सम निषेवते ।। २-३-३३ ।।

    'And the breeze bearing the fragrance of lotuses growing in water and (of those growing on land) ministered unto the pleasure and happiness of the Pandavas.' ।। 2-3-33 ।।

  4. 34

    ईदृशीं तां सभां कृत्वा मासैः परि चतुर्दशैः निष्ठितां धर्मराजाय मयॊ राज्ञे नयवेदयत ।। २-३-३४ ।।

    'Maya, completing the construction of the grand hall within fourteen months, then reported its completion to Yudhishthira.' ।। 2-3-34 ।।