1. 21

    तर्यम्बकॊ राजशार्दूल देवी च विगतक्लमा वामनैर विकटैः कुब्जैः कषतजाक्षैर मनॊजवैः ।। २-१०-२१ ।।

    'The mighty god with the fierce bow, surrounded by multitudes of spirits numbering in the hundreds of thousands—some dwarfish, some with fierce visages, some hunch-backed, and some with blood-red eyes.' ।। 2-10-21 ।।

  2. 22

    मांसमेदॊ वसाहारैर उग्रश्रवण दर्शनैः नानाप्रहरणैर घॊरैर वातैर इव महाजवैः वृतः सखायम अन्वास्ते सदैव धनदं नृप ।। २-१०-२२ ।।

    'Some with frightful yells, some feeding on fat and flesh, and some terrifying to behold, all armed with various weapons and endowed with the speed of the wind, always attend upon their friend Kuvera, the lord of treasures. With them is the ever-cheerful goddess Parvati, who knows no fatigue.' ।। 2-10-22 ।।

  3. 23

    सा सभा तादृशी राजन मया दृष्टान्तरिक्षगा पितामह सभां राजन कथयिष्ये गतक्लमाम ।। २-१०-२३ ।।

    'This delightful assembly house of Kuvera that I have seen, attached to the sky and capable of moving along it, is such, O king. Listen now to the Sabha I describe unto thee, belonging to Brahma the Grandsire.' ।। 2-10-23 ।।