1. 21

    सत्यधर्मपरश्श्रीमान् सङ्ग्रहानुग्रहे रतः | देशकालविभागज्ञस्सर्वलोकप्रियंवदः || ५-३५-२१

    'He is ever established in truth and righteousness. He is prosperous and desires to accumulate wealth in order to shower favour on others. He knows the right use of time and place in discharging his duties. He has endeared himself to all by his words. [5-35-21]

  2. 22

    भ्राता तस्य च द्वैमात्रस्सौमित्रिरपराजितः | अनुरागेण रूपेण गुणैश्चैव तथाविधः || ५-३५-२२

    'His invincible brother Saumitri born of a different mother is a replica of Rama in affection, charm and virtues. [5-35-22]

  3. 23

    तावुभौ नरशार्दूलौ त्वद्दर्शनसमुत्सुकौ | विचिन्वन्तौ महीं कृत्स्नामस्माभिरभिसङ्गतौ || ५-३५-२३

    'While earnestly searching for you all over the earth both tigers among men came in contact with us. [5-35-23]

  4. 24

    त्वामेव मार्गमाणौ तौ विचरन्तौ वसुन्धराम् | ददर्शतुर्मृगपतिं पूर्वजेनावरोपितम् || ५-३५-२४

    'While both of them were wandering, searching for you all over the earth they saw the lord of animals (Sugriva) who had been thrown out of kingship by his elder brother. [5-35-24]

  5. 25

    ऋश्यमूकस्य पृष्ठे तु बहुपादपसङ्कुले | भ्रातुर्भयार्तमासीनं सुग्रीवं प्रियदर्शनम् || ५-३५-२५

    'Sugriva was sitting on the top of Rishyamuka mountain filled with several trees, oppressed with fear, but who was pleasant to the sight. [5-35-25]