1. 6

    तं तु तारा परिष्वज्य स्नेहाद्दर्शितसौहृदाः | उवाच त्रस्तसम्भ्रान्ता हितोदर्कमिदं वचः || ४-१५-६

    Tara, perplexed out of fear, glanced at Vali lovingly, embraced him and gave him wise counsel : - [4-15-6]

  2. 7

    साधु क्रोधमिमं वीर नदीवेगमिवागतम् | शयनादुत्थितः काल्यं त्यज भुक्तामिव स्रजम् || ४-१५-७

    - 'O valiant Vali anger has overtaken you like the flood of a river. It is natural for you to be angry at this time, but shake off your anger just as the wise discard a flower garland already used up. [4-15-7]

  3. 8

    काल्यमेतेन सङ्ग्रामं करिष्यसि च वानर | वीर ते शत्रुबाहुल्यं फल्गुता वा न विद्यते || ४-१५-८

    'O monkey fight him only tomorrow morning. By this you are not going to prove your weakness or increase your respect for the enemy. [4-15-8]

  4. 9

    सहसा तव निष्क्रामो मम तावन्न रोचते | श्रूयतां चाभिधास्यामि यन्निमित्तं निवार्यसे || ४-१५-९

    'I do not like your rashness. I will explain the reason I am preventing you. Listen : - [4-15-9]

  5. 10

    पूर्वमापतितः क्रोधात्स त्वामाह्वयते युधि | निष्पत्य च निरस्तस्ते हन्यमानो दिशो गतः || ४-१५-१०

    'Earlier, he ( Sugriva ) came and challenged you to a duel. You struck him in anger, and defeated, he fled, running in all directions. Now his challenge rouses my suspicion. [4-15-10]