1. 16

    सुवाससः सुवेषाश्च ते च सर्वे शुचिव्रताः | हितार्थं च नरेन्द्रस्य जाग्रतो नयचक्षुषा || १-७-१६

    Well-dressed and well-decorated and they the ministers of King Dasharatha, observe decency in the interest of the king and also of the kingdom, with diligence and with a truthful-eye. [1-7-16]

  2. 17

    गुरोर्गुणगृहीताश्च प्रख्याताश्च पराक्रमे | विदेशेष्वपि विज्ञाताः सर्वतो बुद्धिनिश्चयाः || १-७-१७

    They acquired good qualities from their mentors and they are renowned by their expertise, and even in foreign countries they are famous for their intellectual determinations in all affairs. [1-7-17]

  3. 18

    अभितो गुणवन्तश्च न चासन् गुणवर्जिताः | सन्धिविग्रहतत्त्वज्ञाः प्रकृत्या संपदान्विताः | १-७-१८

    Versatile and virtuous are they the ministers and there is none who discarded his virtuosity, and they are the determiners of truce or war, and by their nature they possess opulence. [1-7-18]

  4. 19

    मंत्रसंवरणे शक्ताः शक्ताः सूक्ष्मासु बुद्धिषु | नीतिशास्त्रविशेषज्ञाः सततं प्रियवादिनः || १-७-१९

    They are capable to keep up the confidentialities of strategies, and also capable to apply their mind even in micro-affairs, and they know moral science comprehensively, and above all, they are gentle articulators. [1-7-19]

  5. 20

    ईदृशैस्तैरमात्यैश्च राजा दशरथोऽनघः | उपपन्नो गुणोपेतैरन्वशासद्वसुंधराम् || १-७-२०

    Accompanied with such of those effectual and good-natured ministers the exalted king Dasharatha ruled the earth. [1-7-20]