1. 21

    एह्येहि शबले क्षिप्रं शृणु चापि वचो मम | सबलस्यास्य राजर्षेः कर्तुं व्यवसितोऽस्म्यहम् | भोजनेन महार्हेण सत्कारं संविधत्स्व मे || १-५२-२१

    'Come on, oh ! Shabala! Come quickly and listen to my words. I prepared to accord hospitality with a highly delectable royal banquet to this kingly sage together with all his forces. You arrange it for me. - [1-52-21]

  2. 22

    यस्य यस्य यथाकामं षड्रसेष्वभिपूजितम् | तत्सर्वं कामधुक् दिव्ये अभिवर्ष कृते मम || १-५२-२२

    Oh ! Kaamadhenu, the Divine Cow, the Milker of All-Desires, for my sake you shower whatsoever foodstuff is savoured by whosoever according to one's own piquancy from each of the six savour, that too plentifully. [1-52-22]

  3. 23

    रसेनान्नेन पानेन लेह्यचोष्येण संयुतम् | अन्नानां निचयं सर्वं सृजस्व शबले त्वर || १-५२-२३

    - Oh ! Shabala, you create heaps of savourily foodstuffs comprised of masticable items like crunchy foods, drinkable items like soft-drinks, tasteable items like honey-like viscous dishes, squeezable items like pulpy fruits, and be quick.' [1-52-23]