1. 41

    पितामहान् भस्मकृतानपश्यद्गतचेतनः | अथ तद्भस्मनां राशिं गङ्गासलिलमुत्तमम् | प्लावयत् पूतपाप्मानः स्वर्गं प्रप्ता रघूत्तम ||१-४३-४१

    - but on seeing his grandparents rendered to ashes he became doleful. Oh ! Rama, the best of Raghu's dynasty, then Ganga inundated that mound of ashes of Sagara's six-thousand sons, by which those souls obtained heaven and the sins of souls were cleansed with the water of Ganga. ( Thus Vishvamitra continued his narration ) [1-43-41]