1. 46

    कुशलं कौशिको राज्ञः पर्यपृच्छत् सुधार्मिकः | अपि ते संनताः सर्वे सामन्ता रिपवो जिताः || १-१८-४६

    - was enquired by the highly righteous sage Vishvamitra from the king. Sage Vishvamitra asked Dasharatha, "Are all of the provincial kings acquiescent to you, and all your enemies conquered?.....- [1-18-46]

  2. 47

    दैवं च मानुषं चैव कर्म ते साध्वनुष्ठितम् | वसिष्ठं च समागम्य कुशलं मुनिपुंगवः || १-१८-४७

    Are you properly performing the devotional and social works?". For enquiring about their welfare, the foremost of ascetics, Viswamitra approached Vasishta.....- [1-18-47]

  3. 48

    ऋषींश्च तान् यथान्यायं महाभागानुवाच ह | ते सर्वे हृष्टमनसस्तस्य राज्ञो निवेशनम् || १-१८-४८

    - and all other exalted sages following the custom. All of them with gladdened hearts entered the royal palace and sat down,.....- [1-18-48]

  4. 49

    विविशुः पूजितास्तेन निषेदुश्च यथार्हतः | अथ हृष्टमना राजा विश्वामित्रं महामुनिम् || १-१८-४९

    - in accordance with their position after having been duly honoured by the king. Then the very generous king Dasharatha was gladdened at heart at the arrival of the great sage Vishvamitra,.....- [1-18-49]

  5. 50

    उवाच परमोदारो हृष्टस्तमभिपूजयन् | यथामृतस्य संप्राप्तिर्यथा वर्षमनूदके || १-१८-५०

    - and he spoke that way feeling happy to adore that sage." As mortals attaining ambrosia, rainfall in a droughty land,.....- [1-18-47]